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my big gay life is just a giddy whirl

Saw a poll today about which was the "gheyest" band of 2005. Is spelling it "ghey" an attempt to stop it being offensive, I wonder? [EDIT: badasstronaut reminds me that it's from Southpark, and therefore both offensive and meant to be so.] Or does it change the meaning a bit, make it a little more complex than plain contempt? Combining sarcasm with grudging respect, perhaps, along the "undeniably popular but not really the sort of thing anyone wants to admit to liking" lines. A bit like how I might use "gay" as an adjective -- of something kind of grandly glam in a very over-the-top way, faintly ludicrous but nevertheless overwhelming, maybe even a little terrifing: like an enormous charging bull elephant, painted pink and covered with iridescent glitter. You'd be able to say, "Wow, that elephant's really gay."

In a side-note, it's really nice when you're listening to something and you think, hmm, that's great, what is it? ... and it turns out to be a band containing someone you know. Even nicer when you can point at some audio, but I guess a band profile for Keyboard Choir will do for now ...

I also have a new spambot poet on the woo. Got through all the spam filters with a repeating verse-form ... but I'll save that for spam poetry in favour of Random8's latest opus:

Subject : last notice

Between me day cut cloud you, girl. Student did fire. Year
reason right cry, city planet section. Matter, ground port.
Suggest numeral eye of wife. Began, consider could, stead look.
Never, symbol land. Change agree keep atom spell life. Loud lie
vowel town. Century area, idea then very your. Change, work
symbol, plan book. Talk sure shape. Long lie heat. Skill learn,
road soon may. Heart space girl observe such world mount.

Back at work and breaking in a new diary ... also, happy christmas from the DOH:

4. Recommended contents for the home medicine chest this festive period:

- paracetamol/aspirin (children under 12 and asthmatics should not be given aspirin)
- paracetamol (eg Calpol) and/or ibuprofen syrups for children
- mild laxatives
- rehydration mixture (for treating diarrhoea and vomiting)
- indigestion mixture (eg antacids)
- travel sickness tablets
- tweezers, sharp scissors
- thermometer (preferably the forehead type for children)
- a selection of plasters, non-absorbent cotton wool, elastic bandages and assorted dressings
- anti-histamine tablets
- sore throat lozenges


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29th Dec, 2005 15:51 (UTC)
I've never seen the Ghey spelling. I wonder if it's like phat was a few years ago?
29th Dec, 2005 16:45 (UTC)
new to me too.
29th Dec, 2005 17:14 (UTC)
Re: *shrug*
I think someone's trying to be *cute*.
(Deleted comment)
29th Dec, 2005 16:38 (UTC)
hmm, I wondered, see, and went back to take a look

Grit your teeth -- some of the comments are a wee bit annoying (they're talking through some of the issues, but ...) -- but it does seem to be a technical term (or possibly a personal coining) for heavy metal bands who pretend they're really hard but are actually preeny "flower rockers" underneath. I think you may be right about the ten-years-younger thing, too ...
29th Dec, 2005 16:40 (UTC)
... they're also mostly Danish.
29th Dec, 2005 16:40 (UTC)
Re: did you mean it being used like this?
people were using the term "gay" at least 30 years ago. "that shirt is really gay," for example. but the people using it were 10-12.
29th Dec, 2005 16:44 (UTC)
it creeps into older age groups
in these parts. Often to start arguments.
29th Dec, 2005 16:39 (UTC)
like "curds and ghey"? weird.

i visited my brother and his family earlier this week, and my 19 month old nephew was running around wearing a diaper and a boa, which i loved. i wonder if he is "ghey."
29th Dec, 2005 16:44 (UTC)
On the grounds that he's a bit foppish and fed mainly on milk-based products? Well, it's a theory ...
29th Dec, 2005 16:52 (UTC)
Aside from the obvious offensiveness of the usage, I'm really bored with The Kids saying 'oh, that's SO ghey' about everything. Considering I'm happy to appreciate the gayness of a cool ginormous pink robot, I guess that makes me either hypocritical and/or out of touch with what's happening, man.

I'm taking note of your medicine chest list for future reference.
29th Dec, 2005 16:58 (UTC)
Oh, and when I was teaching late teens in the lat '90s, they were all at it and it came from Southpark. I did challenge them on it when the opportunity arose.
29th Dec, 2005 17:25 (UTC)
--- of course that's where it's from. D'oh.
29th Dec, 2005 17:43 (UTC)
Re: southpark!
Thing is, I really liked Southpark, and I really liked Big Gay Al's Animal Sanctuary, and that thing in the hot tub with the two naked dads and where everyone end up singing about how everyone's a little bit gay. But the teenie-agers pick up the catch phrases and all, and they seem not terribly funny anymore, merely sneery. And then I feel like a very old, old old person.
29th Dec, 2005 17:49 (UTC)
I remember when this fanzone was all intellectuals with trendy glasses and withering put-downs ... and then the kids moved in, with their cathphrases and made-in-chinese sweatshops merchandise ...
29th Dec, 2005 17:35 (UTC)
Ghey? Sounds like political correctness gone mad. *head explodes*
29th Dec, 2005 17:52 (UTC)
Great. I like political correctness to go mad round here at least once a day.
29th Dec, 2005 18:12 (UTC)
can be useful to get around some overly-censorous content filters
29th Dec, 2005 18:34 (UTC)
Just to be grumpy, as of today, I am going to start beating people who say this dumb non-word to me, along with people who use "impact" as a verb and people who park their cars so close that I can't even get into my own car.

However, run-on sentences will be allowed. ;)
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