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I may be gone some time

Hmmm, I wonder what the Marks & Spencers sale is looking like.


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29th Dec, 2005 18:16 (UTC)
get me a 'sale' t-shirt? ;-)
29th Dec, 2005 20:20 (UTC)
A t-shirt with the word "Sale" on it? How odd.

Still, could be worse: a pair of boxers bearing the phrase "Drastically Reduced", for instance.
5th Jan, 2006 10:10 (UTC)
Rather than just putting signs up saying SALE in big letters, M&S have T-shirts saying 'The Marks&Spencer Sale' in white on red that they put on dummies all round the shop. They won't sell the shirts, though.
5th Jan, 2006 10:08 (UTC)
They won't sell them - I've been trying for years.
5th Jan, 2006 11:03 (UTC)
it's true
I own one, however. Hence the crack from mzdt ...
5th Jan, 2006 11:05 (UTC)
Re: it's true
29th Dec, 2005 19:37 (UTC)
It's really REALLY good , says she who has just staggered in with 3 carrier bags!!
29th Dec, 2005 20:17 (UTC)
I was just about to suggest you as a consultant on this matter, oddly enough.
29th Dec, 2005 20:18 (UTC)
I'm assuming these are three full carrier bags.
30th Dec, 2005 11:46 (UTC)
I was in the one in Belfast yesterday. Some nice stuff for half price. Though I'm all clothes shopped out after spending £150 online at the Next sale.

The food is what lures me to Marksies.
30th Dec, 2005 13:28 (UTC)
Louise from Reception claims her bag got taken by a young man dressed as an old lady in Mark's earlier. She caught up with him and got it back.

Though if you know Louise, it may not be true...
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