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Looking through the weekly strip folder from last year, it wasn't very weekly. More like fortnightly. This didn't reflect me not writing a strip every week, I did, at least one, some weeks more than one, but time and tidal waves of misery and my own laziness and inclination to go out and get pissed instead all combined to keep these strips in the rough. A few made it into the collection -- some belong in the NEVER PUBLISH THIS pile -- but that still leaves a fair few I wanted to get out and didn't.

This is the first of them, called abuse cubes. Recently, the responsibilities of all government employees who have contact with children and young people as regards suspected abuse have changed. This means training people up on signs of the four different types of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, neglect) and during the half-day course I drew these pictures on my course book, inbetween answering questions, pulling my hair and listening to other people process.

abuse cubes - detail

The next one, I promise, is much more cheerful.


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5th Jan, 2006 18:06 (UTC)
I don't just neglect children; I neglect everyone!

6th Jan, 2006 10:16 (UTC)
as someone who's eaten your soup
I say YOU LIE!
5th Jan, 2006 18:41 (UTC)
5th Jan, 2006 22:30 (UTC)
It looks better than I expected it do, diminshment learning you'd taken out the accompanying exercise pad. Perhaps you may put the original alongside ?

Having been on one of these courses though, I remember with clarity the feeling of just wanting to get away from it all, and not caring to know the gritty stuff. The paradox of wanting to puke my stomach out at something which could later be beneficial.
6th Jan, 2006 10:15 (UTC)
could bring it to the pub maybe?
There are confidential/personal details on it which I would not be comfortable with publishing online.
6th Jan, 2006 10:33 (UTC)
Did I ever tell you I once had to teach child protection? I really didn't want to do it, and I protested vehemently, but to no avail.
6th Jan, 2006 10:51 (UTC)
hmm, well it's all mandatory now
so I imagine lots of people are ending up in that situation.
6th Jan, 2006 16:07 (UTC)
Re: hmm, well it's all mandatory now
Beautiful inking.

Matthew B
6th Jan, 2006 16:08 (UTC)
Which seems very banal of me to say when you're all discussing child p.

6th Jan, 2006 16:27 (UTC)
no, thanks
I was wondering if anyone would mention the art rather than the issues, and you did ... :) thanks
6th Jan, 2006 21:45 (UTC)
yah, very good. i encountered your work through the interview in Redeye and decided to look the site up. Like it very much. for what it means, highly recommended
7th Jan, 2006 01:31 (UTC)
The interview worked. Print isn't dead!
Hey, anonymous, I want to know who you are. I conducted that interview and I'm chuffed that it's led someone to Jeremy's strips (although I did also inadvertantly create the Frankenstein's monster that is Jeremy Davis).

Matthew B
(Sometimes known as Jimmy O)
7th Jan, 2006 12:43 (UTC)
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