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cat fascinated by music

cat and xylophone
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

I wasn't very snappy this christmas, preferring to focus instead on Extreme Drunkenness™ but it would have been cruel to visit Jo and Alex's kitten Charlie without a camera to mock it with. Also, that's my cute cat photo quota filled for a few months ... more from the same set include coalescent eating chocolates, e_pepys lurking behind Tim Science ... oh, and another one of Charlie (the kitten), wearing a party hat. Grud help me.


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8th Jan, 2006 04:03 (UTC)
you're in a sort of andy warhol repetitive photo mode.
8th Jan, 2006 16:50 (UTC)
ah, that's because
they're taken with a lomography pop-9, a camera with nine lenses that takes nine postage-stamp-sized photos at once. Why? Because you can. And it's shiny.
8th Jan, 2006 06:18 (UTC)
Groc help you? Best of luck on that...
8th Jan, 2006 16:51 (UTC)
grud, grud
--- if I was waiting for Groc to help me it'd be a while.
8th Jan, 2006 11:50 (UTC)
Our cats love the glockenspiel action. Joan used to go mental when we played the triangle, something about the high-pitched metallic ringing would bring her to you from across the house. Brother Ben kept the triangle by his bed for a long while to summon cats when he needed them. More often than you might think.
8th Jan, 2006 16:51 (UTC)
Ben trained cats? To respond to music? Yikes.
9th Jan, 2006 00:13 (UTC)
If you can call it music
I think Joan was just loving the high-pitched metallic sounds. Or hating them enough to come and stop them.
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