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detail of weekly strip the magic chalet

Still at it, I'm afraid. This week's strip, the magic chalet, I drew after All Tomorrow's Parties -- a very civilized festival held in an out-of-season Butlins, i.e. the beginning of last December. Never mind. Cocktail list for this strip:

Mimosa: half and half orange juice and cava (often called a Buck's Fizz, but people my age have traumatic associations with that name). Perfect for breakfast.

Classic champagne cocktail: Fill up your glass, hold a sugar cube over and drip bitters onto it until soaked. Drop into glass, watch the bubbles rise, drink. We were using cava instead of champagne.

Diamond Fizz: Measure of gin, squeeze of lemon, half a teaspoon of superfine sugar, top up with champagne and watch the evening slip away. Given that we were making it with Tesco's Value Gin, Cava, smashed sugar cubes, and drops of blood from where I'd sliced open my thumb through careless lemon management, it was more of a Diamond Geezer than a Diamond Fizz, but Diamond nevertheless.

Sorry about the colouring, I'm having motivational problems at the moment.


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10th Jan, 2006 18:26 (UTC)
Our electricity stood still too! Endless hot water! Glorious baths at 4am! Wonderful.
11th Jan, 2006 12:11 (UTC)
Mabe it was a general thing ...
10th Jan, 2006 18:37 (UTC)
The colours are awesome, you total reprobate, lush!
11th Jan, 2006 12:12 (UTC)
... it was a fight. I went through a few different variations (one much more rational, which took ages) and just kept chucking out what I did. I hate it when I get like that.
10th Jan, 2006 19:05 (UTC)
Akcherly, a proper champagne cocktail is made with the sugar cube soaked in brandy as well. Though, since you just cheered me up with your gift, it's probably the height of churlishness to contadict you... :)
11th Jan, 2006 12:14 (UTC)
It's just a naked attempt to get you to send me mix CDs. And yes, you are right about the brandy, of course ...

Skipping the brandy is about getting hammered less fast (as if that would work)
13th Jan, 2006 16:54 (UTC)
Re: ha!
Heh, well, I have a CD that I did for work, but only about half of it actually sounded any good when played in the salon, so maybe I'll send you that one to start with... :)
13th Jan, 2006 17:09 (UTC)
oooh thanks!
--- no pressure though -- I meant to give it you as a christmas present, but, late, as usual ...
13th Jan, 2006 17:20 (UTC)
Re: oooh thanks!
Aw, that's okay. It was such a lovely surprise at a point when I was feeling horribly down (as you know from my post)...
10th Jan, 2006 20:06 (UTC)
another favourite strip, I love it, and the seaside scene looks just like I remember Camber Sands, and it reminds me of magical weekends with friends, and I love the grey office scene with the colourful computer screen, and I wish I could do that!
11th Jan, 2006 12:14 (UTC)
thanks :)
10th Jan, 2006 21:48 (UTC)
Loving the jeans in the second box; they are just so ... jean-y!
11th Jan, 2006 12:15 (UTC)
ah, that's my friend Alex
-- it's just the way he wears them!
11th Jan, 2006 11:41 (UTC)
Lovely strip with great colours! May I ask, how do you do these? Do you draw them straight into a computer on a tablet or something?
11th Jan, 2006 12:18 (UTC)
thanks --
For the weekly strip, I draw on paper with ink and a dip-pen. How I do the colour/washes varies -- usually it's a mix of traditional (ink washes) with digital (computer colouring) but this week only the lines are drawn, the rest is 100% computer colour/tones.
17th Jan, 2006 12:04 (UTC)
Jeremy, I loved the magic chalet cartoon. It really spoke to me!! Those are the moments we live for. Now I'm back at my desk too, in the dreariest office on earth! xx - David (goth-type and comics reviewer).
20th Jan, 2006 14:56 (UTC)
I particularly like the gig scene in panel six, its rather clever and very pretty you managed to accomplish with those few lines.

I didn't mind looking at the dictionary at all x
22nd Jan, 2006 14:53 (UTC)
Magic cartoon
Jeremy, *LOVE* it! Some of this positivity probably cos I'm in it which is a first for me, excuse my egomania. But maintly because the feel good of the chalet is perfection AND you've captured so many little details seemingly effortlessly, in particular the water/oven conundrum,
your red tree lamp, the cat cartoon on the tv and your finger slicing. I'll be visiting again...hope all is good - Sarah xx
24th Jan, 2006 14:20 (UTC)
Re: Magic cartoon
all is mad, but that is as it should be. Glad to have you drop by xx J
3rd Feb, 2006 16:38 (UTC)
someone mentioned you to me, your colors are gorgeous, you're watching Cat Soup aren't you?
anyway, hello!
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