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in brief

Everyone from London on my friends list is squealing or quoting Moby Dick. Ah, we love our out of place wildlife in this country.

There was a message from someone called "tashforrest" in the freecycle today. Now, much as I know that this is probably a contraction of Natasha Forrest, the image in my head is FAR MORE HILARIOUS THAN THAT.


20th Jan, 2006 23:49 (UTC)
I wasn't. Well, I was squeeing, but about a puppy not a whale.

Posting this from my bed thanks to a new node left unprotected by careless neighbours! It's really slow, like being back on ancient dial-up.... And I've had to re-log-in to everything again...
21st Jan, 2006 08:29 (UTC)
I spent all day and evening yesterday based around the central London Thames, give or take, but with no internet, so we just didn't know... (although I do remember seeing an odd wake from inside the Founders Arms, so perhaps that was it after all)
22nd Jan, 2006 14:46 (UTC)
poor whale.