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Well, I went to see the Big Bisexual Sheepherd movie. Mm-mmm, Jake Gyllenhall is easy on the eye. An interesting movie in its subversion of the usual gay/adulterous themes; the substitute of a sheep killed by a coyote for the usual tragic murdered/suicided lover, the accidental oversight that leads to ... well, nothing much really, the denial of the forbidden affair which, instead of setting both its participants free, traps them in repeating the same, stupid dance year after year. Interesting, modern, beautiful, possibly even revolutionary but not (for me) terribly sexy or involving. Still, 2006. The year Marlboro men started coming in twos.

In other news, wow, some of you have had an awful weekend. My sympathies.

More news: I have creative block.


23rd Jan, 2006 09:18 (UTC)
More news: I have creative block.

It'll be back. Maybe you could call it a holiday instead of a block?
23rd Jan, 2006 10:27 (UTC)
but I need it now.