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Well, I went to see the Big Bisexual Sheepherd movie. Mm-mmm, Jake Gyllenhall is easy on the eye. An interesting movie in its subversion of the usual gay/adulterous themes; the substitute of a sheep killed by a coyote for the usual tragic murdered/suicided lover, the accidental oversight that leads to ... well, nothing much really, the denial of the forbidden affair which, instead of setting both its participants free, traps them in repeating the same, stupid dance year after year. Interesting, modern, beautiful, possibly even revolutionary but not (for me) terribly sexy or involving. Still, 2006. The year Marlboro men started coming in twos.

In other news, wow, some of you have had an awful weekend. My sympathies.

More news: I have creative block.


23rd Jan, 2006 10:37 (UTC)
Re: ha!
info at http://www.sprawl.org.uk/ again.

I may have lost a couple of brownie points on the door on the boat when I failed to recognise Scanner when he claimed his guest list place, but hey, these electronica types all look the same to me.
23rd Jan, 2006 10:47 (UTC)
Re: ha!
ah, ye're a hippy. Despite the hair.
23rd Jan, 2006 11:21 (UTC)
Re: ha!
at least I have now hacked back that dreadful post-rock beard. An ineviitable reaction to realsing I fitted in at the Mogwai gig.
23rd Jan, 2006 11:28 (UTC)
I'm sure you didn't fit in just as much as everyone else didn't. I've decided to give Mogwai a miss when they visit Oxford, going to go to Coldcut instead.
25th Jan, 2006 12:33 (UTC)
ack! The Horror! The Horror!
I misread that as "Coldplay".

Are you in London later today, then? If so, text me. :)
25th Jan, 2006 16:07 (UTC)
as if!
Coldplay are alright in their place. Their place is not my night out.

Not today I'm afraid, I'm too knacked -- just come out of a five-hour meeting, and I can't see for strategic wotsits.

Rain check tho'
26th Jan, 2006 15:50 (UTC)
Re: as if!