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... but no longer!

[from the review list for next week]

I can only assume that these two comprise a double bill:

Tuesday, February 14: 9.30pm
Depicting a woman's madness through conversations with her best friend

Tuesday, February 14: 9.30pm
A comic nightmare about a lunatic and his sister's relationship.

Also on offer on offer are:

Monday, February 13th: 8pm
New Writing Festival. And I quote: "A strikingly honest examination of belief systems and relevance in a claustrophobic naturalist play." You have been warned.

and possibly the most romantic option yet:

Tuesday, February 14: 9.30pm
by Sam Thomas. A hilarious short in which four men set out on a team-building exercise in the middle of nowhere...

Sadly, the Oxford student theatre scene being what it is, I fear it's unlikely that they'll gay up.

Apparently all of the above (and more!) are still going (if you too are at a loose end next week) according to the slightly pitiful email I got through this morning. But after last night's "entertainment" (it was a hard one to give a positive spin) I'm feeling a bit warned off student theatre -- having seen a couple I'm coming to the conclusion that this year's fashionable elements (short musical numbers, simply-simply costuming and doing accents) are not to my taste.


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9th Feb, 2006 13:37 (UTC)
Perpetual Fiesta...
Snerkle...Good ol' Sheep Well! it's one of those fairly dire plays like RUR, that all college drama societies are compelled to trot out in rotation every few years. Oh the humanity-
9th Feb, 2006 14:20 (UTC)
it was pretty bad but they could still have done better
..for starters, by buckets of blood, an abrasive soundtrack and hardcore innovative staging.

Or at any rate by dumping the accents, cutting some speeches and getting the problems with the sound ironed out. Hmmm. I don't think RUR's ever hit town. If it does, I'll probably feel compelled to go ...

9th Feb, 2006 15:54 (UTC)
At least it's naturalist - could have been worse.

Bank sounds like a rip-off of Neville's Island...
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