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cyclismo in pink go-go boots

At the busstop this morning, a cyclist shot past on the narrow-narrow pavement behind me; pink miniskirt, pink knee-boots, pink gilet, beret and tights, all done up in Next Sale Shop complimentary colours --- strawberry ice cream and damson sorbet. She wove through the parked cars and puddles outside the row of shops up high on her pedals before hopping the kerb, shooting across the A-road and scooting up the hill at a sprint until she drew paralell with a man walking on the pavement. At first I thought she was asking for directions, but she slowed, matched his walking pace, and continued beside him, pedalling slowly up up the hill. The rise of the hill and my arriving bus cut off the story before it was over, but I'd like to think I was witness to the frantic cycle-safety flouting dash of love.

I was late because I had problems getting started this morning, which lead to my opening the door blearily in my underwear and a hastily-donned wrap to a bunch of pink tulips the size of my head. Which I couldn't very well just leave, so it was out with the scissors and the vase and then another vase and I didn't find the tulip food till they were thoroughly stowed so I'll have to arrange them again, this evening. Oh, said the man delivering, looking a bit crestfallen, It's for a ... Jeremy Dennis? Yep, that's me! I replied, Tulips! My favourite! (with the sort of grin he was probably getting a bit sick of seeing by that hour). They were marked "no note required" so I don't know who they're from, although I have my suspicions, you minx*.

The result of my lateness was to arrive part-way through the office move, and the terrifying sight of my enormous monitor heading up the corridoor on an office chair. Which gave me the panicked impetus I needed to cancel on the counsellors and instead concentrate on getting everything where it belongs. Which it isn't quite, yet, but I'm working on it.

*I take that back if it was my sister.


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14th Feb, 2006 18:56 (UTC)
I got a big bunch of flowers today- not in quite as an exciting way as you, but cute all the same (or warped, you decide)- my sister's ex boyfriend (and babies father) had a bunch delivered to my parents house, where both me and my sister ended up being this afternoon. She can't take them home with her as her abusive boyfriend would probably kill her (an exageration but not much of one) so I have the flowers now and she has visiting rights. The thing that I thought was cute was the fact her ex had just sent a note saying 'I hope these help cheer you up' rather than putting any kind of romantic pressure on her. I guess you need to be part of this warped family to know what i'm talking about but it was a nice gesture on his part. So now I have flowers and chocolate heart shaped lollies (from ?) and I feel like i've been properly Valentined.
15th Feb, 2006 11:44 (UTC)
happy valentines
No, I think flowers just to cheer you up is cute, too. I suspect my flowers were sent with that aim in mind, but it doesn't make them any less lovely for it -- and they did cheer me up.
15th Feb, 2006 17:48 (UTC)
Re: happy valentines
perhaps your flowers were from a genuine lustful secret admirer?
I'm still sulking because i'm waiting for a boy to phone me.
just any boy will do.
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