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update on the inimitable mr_snips

Just got off the phone to Adrian -- Neal (mr_snips) is responding well to treatment, his blood pressure's back down, but they'll be keeping him while they try to figure out what happened, as they don't have a clear cause yet -- it doesn't look like smokers' high blood pressure -- trust him to be mysterious! We're running over some necessities this afternoon to keep him entertained.

Gruesome details, as promised! Blood vessels burst in the back of his eyes, temporarily occluding his vision. That's getting better, too, but it takes a while to clear, so he's getting Adrian to bulk-reply to your texts rather than working through them himself.

I'll pass on well-wishes and report back later.


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15th Feb, 2006 15:24 (UTC)
Oh, god, there but for the grace of god ... I had to get my blood pressure down this time last year, was about to die. Luckily we caught it in time. Hence the weight loss.

Tell him if he has to give up smoking, we can do it together.

15th Feb, 2006 19:28 (UTC)
He was giving up smoking at the time, ironically ... we've passed on the message x
15th Feb, 2006 15:37 (UTC)
Arse! Poor Neal. Please pass on our best wishes.
15th Feb, 2006 19:29 (UTC)
Ah, missed this -- will send them on with the next visitor ...
15th Feb, 2006 16:02 (UTC)
good grief! -- what is it with him and his crockety old body? Hope better soon...
15th Feb, 2006 19:31 (UTC)
He's already much better -- his blood pressure came right down again -- but they're doing lots of tests to figure out why it went up in the first place ...
15th Feb, 2006 16:33 (UTC)
oh man!
gruesome indeed. I have said to Adrian earlier that if he / you need any help from me later to just let me know.
15th Feb, 2006 19:30 (UTC)
Re: oh man!
He'll be in for a bit longer at least -- visiting hours/details to follow in the next (friendslocked) post.
15th Feb, 2006 16:40 (UTC)
Ew! and ouch!

Give him my best wishes, and I hope he manages not to explode from pressure.
15th Feb, 2006 19:32 (UTC)
Haven't yet, but I'll send them on with the next visitor ...
15th Feb, 2006 16:52 (UTC)
I'm off work on Thursday if I can be of any use.
15th Feb, 2006 19:34 (UTC)
I'll pop visiting hours and times in the next -- friendslocked -- post. He's not focussing too well (the eye thing) so this might be the time for spoken word stuff -- books or dramatisations if you have some to lend. He's got a CD player, but it won't play burned stuff I don't think.

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15th Feb, 2006 17:12 (UTC)
yikes! When did that happen? Best wishes and all that, obviously.
15th Feb, 2006 19:37 (UTC)
ah, you were not down pub --
I got the news there. The incident was yesterday but some hours were spent before the news was clear enough to widely share -- we didn't know, still don't really ...
15th Feb, 2006 17:34 (UTC)
Eeek! I don't know him, obviously, and therefore shouldn't really be commenting on his medical problems - but, wow, gruesome. I feel all faint now. Go him! for surviving to tell - and, if I was him, tell and tell and tell - the tale. Hope he's good again soon.
15th Feb, 2006 19:37 (UTC)
aww, thanks
15th Feb, 2006 17:50 (UTC)
Ouch! Pass on my best wishes...
15th Feb, 2006 17:51 (UTC)
PS: That was from me, not Neal's anonymous stalker. Grumble mutter LJ log-out...
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15th Feb, 2006 18:30 (UTC)
Eek! Best wishes from me too. Sounds nasty :(
15th Feb, 2006 18:31 (UTC)
Can you say what hospital he's in?
15th Feb, 2006 19:38 (UTC)
Sure thing. Friendslocked post with more details, including visiting details, to follow.
15th Feb, 2006 23:27 (UTC)
Get well soon Neal...
16th Feb, 2006 09:27 (UTC)
I'll pass it on -- sorry, I acciedentally missed you setting up the filter -- you're in it now! More details are in the locked post.
16th Feb, 2006 08:12 (UTC)
Please do pass on my best wishes for a speedy recovery, and brother James's too - thanks if you've passed them on already. I'll be rooting for him.
16th Feb, 2006 09:29 (UTC)
sorry to miss the gig last night -- by the time I'd finished with calls and stuff it was ten, and I was tired ... -- hope it went well, anyway.
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yay! - cleanskies - 16th Feb, 2006 09:42 (UTC) - Expand
16th Feb, 2006 17:38 (UTC)
Ah! I didn't realise it was Neal who was Mr Snips! Yikes! Please share my best with him next time you see him.
17th Feb, 2006 11:09 (UTC)
Will do!
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