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Spent a lot of time thinking about caddis fly larvae today. But then I got sent the review list again (gods, have I just volunteered to watch Pinter next week?) so ...

I shall join the rest of the world in linking to the list of things Shakespeare productions just don't need, ever. It's reader contributed, so contains a lot of wisdom from cast and crew -- as well as (I suspect) a few directors looking back at their early work and squirming in horror. I added my reviewer's tuppence -- and while one of my never-nevers came from a glaringly awful local town'n'gown group, the other comes courtesy of recent production at the Globe. I feel I've gotten off quite lightly, though: 92. I will not project a PowerPoint slideshow onto a large screen above and behind the actors, ever, for any reason, no matter what. The mind boggles.

The keepers of the squid ask Damien Hurst's people to help them find a tank.

The season finale of Life on Mars dragged a bit, eh? I guess they inserted a lot of (admittedly high quality) flannel and padding when the second series got approved. Fortunately, there was an antique episode of Survival about pygmy marmosets, Ian Holm narrating, to chill out to afterwards. Turns out that for all that they're CUTE OVERLOAD! popular amazonian hair decorations, they're vicious little monsters that think nothing of biting the heads off giant centipedes and playing tug-of-war with snakes bigger than themselves. What with the TV cameras and everything, they got the locals to do the ant glove ceremony [PDF, not especially gruesome], too. I liked the way they painted their hand black before the ceremony: sympathetic magic to prevent toxic shock and gangrene, perhaps.

Last night I stayed up late virtuously re-potting the saggy money-tree, and when Andy phoned today over the latest whatever from the UK Web and Minicomics Thing I was in Gill and Sons.

Andy: Are you OK? Are you at work? Can you talk?
Jeremy: No, it's fine, I'm just buying flowerpots.

Hmm. I'm supposed to be writing him a minicomic. About Hell. Never mind, my plants look great now.


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28th Feb, 2006 17:33 (UTC)
There was an item on the future course of Life on Mars on last night's Front Row. The main cast is apparently optioned for up to three seasons, but I imagine that's fairly standard.
28th Feb, 2006 17:46 (UTC)
I thought they did an okay job with Life on Mars considering that they had to lay the groundwork for future seasons, and it did tie up the loose ends of the stuff in the woods, but it wasn't the thrill-ride of previous weeks, it's true.

But funny you should go on to mention nature programmes. My housemate mistakenly called Life on Mars "Life on Earth" in a post earlier today and since then I've been taking the piss by acting out Life on Mars as narrated by David Attenborough. "The alpha male puffs up his chest. Watch him throw his weight around. The newly arrived rival alpha male must win allies if he is to survive..."

28th Feb, 2006 17:59 (UTC)
28th Feb, 2006 21:42 (UTC)
562 bad ideas and counting, that's a lot of badness. But I liked Hamlet's father's ghost appearing out of a pepsi machine...
1st Mar, 2006 10:42 (UTC)
Oo, I didn't notice that one. I did think it was a bit unfair to dismiss deathbots out of hand, though.
1st Mar, 2006 11:01 (UTC)
some of them actually made me regret that I hadn't seen the productions in question -- machine guns? gold lame? Deathbots? Bring it on!
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