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sorry about the posting frenzy

But I'm sure whipping out my palm in restaurants gets me better service :)

To make up for all that wibble, something practical, though for Oxford friends only, anyone fancy going to the Phoenix for Sunday Manga, followed by a walk along
the river


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3rd Apr, 2002 15:00 (UTC)
i thought it was a fun frenzy...a frenzy of fun.
3rd Apr, 2002 23:36 (UTC)
sounds like a plan to me :)
4th Apr, 2002 01:16 (UTC)
thanks for the paid subscription!
I can have more pictures now :)
4th Apr, 2002 04:36 (UTC)
Re: thanks for the paid subscription!
yay! I've put the ones from the other Tuesday on the website, including you with superpowers again :) They're mostly in the Friends view. Actually, now that I see them on this screen, I need to make some of them lighter. And I think perhaps a little smaller in some cases.
4th Apr, 2002 04:43 (UTC)
Sounds oool... though not, obviously, as cool as the glacier that has recently escaped from my fridge. It may be time to install a heat ray pointing down the stairs. Or defrost.

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