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gogol bordello at the zodiac

percussionist headstand and banging violin
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

One of those fridays that are three evenings folded into one last friday. This is from middle-friday, Gogol Bordello at the Zodiac, just as the gig was starting to take off. There are a few more over on the Flickr-stream, apparently tea_and_cuddles and archie need the pictures to impress beautiful americans or something ... I got in bang on time to see Fighting Cocks in support who were treating folk, country and world with the respect it so richly deserves by throwing scratching, rapping, screaming and a pounding beat in its general direction. Good stuff, very Lost Vagueness ... then Gogol Bordello came on and bit by bit the floppy-fringed oxford shoegazers were replaced by mosh and pogo, stagedivers going down like enthusiastic otters, a mass stage invasion, Pamela crowdsurfing on a giant bass drum (while playing it!) in a forest of cameraphones, violin strings shredding into the audience, etc. etc. Good night, I bought the t-shirt. There was even a fight! ... actually, that's not so good, is it? Never mind, no-one was hurt. And it was GREAT!

EDIT: And, I wonder ... that guy I walked by on the way to the bar who looked like Phil Jupitus ... was it?


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5th Mar, 2006 21:35 (UTC)
i just remembered that they're playing glasgow on wednesday. i hear they're fucking amazing live - i hope there are still tickets left!
5th Mar, 2006 22:40 (UTC)
There's well good bands at the Zodiac at the moment.
6th Mar, 2006 15:34 (UTC)
gogogogol bordello
I'm going to see them on Friday! Can't wait!
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