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waste more time

Ah, Planet Earth, latest cross-section of the natural world. Antigrav sharks! Organised dog packs! Snow leopard kittens! You missed it? No bother, it's repeated this Saturday. And, anyway, the BBC has put its spare footage up for download on their creative archive license. Arctic foxes! Badgers! Prehistoric whales!

Can't think what reminded me of googlefight. Still, it's always nice to see how easily George Orwell beats Aspidistra, Derek Jarman put in the corner by tasty fruit, tiny monkey effortlessly destroying rampaging elephant, and pause getting the drop on Pinter.

Mmm, Sheep game. I like split flock.

Margaret Atwood invents a robot pen so she can sign books from anywhere. "The pen can also be used to sign hockeysticks and the project director Matthew Gibson is working on getting it to sign basketballs".

A question: anyone else going to the UK Web and Minicomics Thing? Or fancies going down the pub somewhere nearby?


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7th Mar, 2006 18:35 (UTC)
So...how do we acquire Margaret Atwood's chequebook then? ;-)
7th Mar, 2006 18:58 (UTC)
Good look with Fiend Findlay. Give him a two-fingered salute for me.
8th Mar, 2006 10:10 (UTC)
I think I have it figured out so I'll be permitted to sit behind a table this time ...
8th Mar, 2006 13:52 (UTC)
if I'm very very good ...
7th Mar, 2006 19:24 (UTC)
The shark, the shark! Why did you remind me?
7th Mar, 2006 19:26 (UTC)
If I'm not slumped staring at the wall with my soul in tatters and stuff, and it's not raining too hard, I might wander along.
8th Mar, 2006 13:51 (UTC)
yaya! I might be hiding out in a local pub, whimpering (I think that's why we missed each other last year) do you have a mobile at the moment?
8th Mar, 2006 15:27 (UTC)
07910 846584
No money to spend, of course, but I like checking out panels, etc...

Think andyluke mentioned he was going, too.
7th Mar, 2006 19:26 (UTC)
Boy Mars Tokyo beat the crap out of Sally Mericle. 4,930,000 to 19,400!!!
8th Mar, 2006 10:10 (UTC)
boo hiss
Jeremy Dennis was beaten by geese! Although it was a close fight.
7th Mar, 2006 19:38 (UTC)
darn it-i'm forever being taunted with BBC free web archive stuff. i would totally pay for access over here in the US! take my money and give me your stuff!

hrrm. maybe i should check bbc america for this show...
7th Mar, 2006 20:11 (UTC)
11th March - there's a Bermondsey posse party that night (isn't there always?), working during day, but keep me posted for the bit in the middle...?
8th Mar, 2006 10:07 (UTC)
will do -- I'll probably be in town the afternoon/night before, too, if you're about for any of that?
8th Mar, 2006 00:07 (UTC)
ooh i like the open earth thing
8th Mar, 2006 11:09 (UTC)
Jay and I will be down in London from the Friday afternoon to the sunday afternoon... we're staying at the Thing discount hotel... assuming I can find it as we're driving!
8th Mar, 2006 13:44 (UTC)
Re: Thing
Brilliant -- I'm down for Fri, too, Andy R. and I plan to be in pub nearby ("just opposite?") talking shop ...
8th Mar, 2006 12:16 (UTC)
I should be at the Thing for a couple of hours - had to juggle a family commitment but it looks as though it'll work.
8th Mar, 2006 13:50 (UTC)
brilliant -- I shall be either at a nearby pub or on the Dead by Dawn stall (where I'm helping out) -- see you there
8th Mar, 2006 13:09 (UTC)
White bread beats brown bread.
This serves as a metaphor for both race relations and fibre consumption in our troubled modern era.
8th Mar, 2006 16:12 (UTC)
I'm going to see Gogol Bordello on Friday night and I have a cold at the moment, so what time I make it to the Thing will depend on how I feel on Saturday morning. But I should be there...
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