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it really is staggering

How much more I achieve when my office mate isn't in the office. And when I stop bloody procrastinating and get on with doing something. And when I stop getting distracted by websites about eye infections, of course. But how could I exist without knowing about lattice degeneration?

"Lattice degeneration presents as a linear trail of fibrosed vessels within atrophied retina in a "lattice" pattern. It nearly always runs circumferentially between the equator and the ora serrata. Lattice degeneration is typically bilateral. The etiology of lattice is questionable. It appears to be due to dropout of peripheral retinal capillaries with resulting ischemia, which induces thinning of all retinal layers. There is sclerosis of the larger vessels, with their lumen being filled with extracellular glial tissue, giving lattice degeneration its characteristic fibrotic appearance. The main concern with lattice degeneration is the chance of progression to rhegmatogenous retinal detachment. Lattice degeneration both with and without atrophic holes is generally benign and does not require prophylactic treatment, as the complications of treatment are more severe than the natural history of the untreated condition."

[for the icky bits I cut out, visit The Eyecare Trust]


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4th Apr, 2002 09:50 (UTC)
Very ew. There are ickier bits?

Reminds me of when I used to work at Butterworth Heinemann, where just round the corner from me some of my mates worked on medical books & journals -- Burns was one journal, Injuries another; and Surgical Endodontics in Full Colour gave you lovely piccies of gums being stitched. Yum.

On a lighter note, love your new Cleanskies userpic.
4th Apr, 2002 14:28 (UTC)
Re: Jrmy's userpic
So do I. Lovely, isn't it?
5th Apr, 2002 08:03 (UTC)
Re: ew.
Do you still have that one of me as Neurotic Boy Outsider for me to use on livejounal?
5th Apr, 2002 08:32 (UTC)
Re: ew.
I presume you're asking cleanskies here, not me?
8th Apr, 2002 05:58 (UTC)
Re: ew.
I got confused
7th Apr, 2002 14:38 (UTC)
Re: ew.
It's in the post. Come to think of it, should I have left the title to this comment "ew"?

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