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weekly strip grey and workaday

Rhapsody at 5.45 - detail

This week's strip was written before I moved offices. Dead insects are less of a problem in this room, which seems to have a better-fitting light fixture. On the minus side, less pigeons sit on the windowsill, and I miss them a bit. I should fire whoever's in charge of continuity, though -- my clothes change completely from panel to panel -- although I probably did it on purpose, to reinforce the force of tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow ... it's been a long time since screensavers looked like lots of swimming fish, hasn't it? I still tend to draw fish on a computer screen to indicate a screensaver, though. It probably dates me.


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8th Mar, 2006 14:13 (UTC)
That feeling though, of sameyness, I get that at work a lot.
8th Mar, 2006 14:16 (UTC)
I'm sure I've still got some flying toasters somewhere.

Definitely need to combine work and sleep.
8th Mar, 2006 14:19 (UTC)
Someone I know would really really like a set of flying toasters for their wall, along the lines of the flying duck sets. I wonder where I would be able to get such a thing made.
8th Mar, 2006 14:35 (UTC)
Strikes me as sort of a thinkgeek thing (or site of similar value) ... hmmm, bottlecap opening finger rings ...
8th Mar, 2006 14:30 (UTC)
that little guy in a top hat
On top of my monitor? That's Little Mr Chimney Sweep Man ...
8th Mar, 2006 14:35 (UTC)
But he can't even see the screen!
How's he going to be able to advise you?
8th Mar, 2006 14:41 (UTC)
he can see what I'm working on
-- reflected in my eyes. Anyway, I respect the wisdom in his shiny plastic head.
8th Mar, 2006 15:22 (UTC)
Neato lettering effects...
8th Mar, 2006 15:57 (UTC)
Too freaking good for your own good, darling.

And how about flying toasters, right?
8th Mar, 2006 17:03 (UTC)
Doesn't much help you there, but I've generally had good customer service from T-Mobile phone-operator service, poor customer service face-to-face with salespeople.

Overall, I am greatly annoyed by the inflexibility of these phone companies, and that I cannot patch together precisely my sort of service, and negotiate a price.
9th Mar, 2006 10:46 (UTC)
hmmm. I suspect someone else may need this comment more than I do ...
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