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It seems that the random box'o'stuff I sent south for new neiblings has found favour: Emily claimed the whale, the Dr Seuss and the sparkly gloves, while the sparkly hat fits Lucy fine, even if she'll have to grow into the velvet one. It's never too early to start a life of glamour, though -- one of my first gifts to Emily was a handbag.

That aside, here's a very nice billboard modification site. How nice? You can modify the billboards online with the handy magic marker! Each top-of-page banner has a different picture to mod, click through a few and you may see some of mine ...

In other news, nanotech helps blind hamsters see. Now that's what I call the appliance of science.


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14th Mar, 2006 20:50 (UTC)
That was fun.
14th Mar, 2006 21:09 (UTC)
There was a Tory Party Poster modifying website at the last election: it gave you the 'I'm just like you' handwriting font and everything. Love it.
15th Mar, 2006 10:12 (UTC)
Nanotech helps blind hampsters see
Of course it was the evil scientists who blinded the hampsters in the first place. Notice how it is almost always possible to apply the adjective 'evil' to scientists and for the sentence to still make sense.
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