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I need help with translation

some translation needed
Originally uploaded by Jeremy Dennis.

Can anyone tell me what this sign is about? I found it in a Millennium park in Mile End. There are a few more of the odd sights from the same park (which included an ecology/arts pavilion, many dried fountains, a "green bridge" and a spiral path through some woodlands) over on the flickrstream in the near vicinity of this shot.


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20th Mar, 2006 21:37 (UTC)
Looks a great deal like Isaac Newton. Optics, gravity, apples.
17/20 could be approximate years - 1700's-2000's (Newton died in 1727).
20th Mar, 2006 21:41 (UTC)
20th Mar, 2006 21:49 (UTC)
maths trail 2000, possibly --


"designed to generate discussion in a real life context and to help children to consolidate their problem solving skills"

Now I just need to find a child ...

20th Mar, 2006 22:27 (UTC)
Is that Homer Simpson wearing a judge's wig ?
It does look fairly new. Not one of those Gough's National Heritage ancient monument things then. Part of a new world order plan to turn Earth into another planet of the Zoids ?
Children...sleep...i sleep...too...i go sleep
20th Mar, 2006 22:29 (UTC)
To decipher
20th Mar, 2006 22:37 (UTC)
a little recent, perhaps ...
Not the same code. However, that links me to omniglot and Thomas More's Utopian alphabet ...
21st Mar, 2006 06:10 (UTC)
Omniglot is a somewhere I have wasted spent hours of productive work time checking important things™
21st Mar, 2006 00:18 (UTC)
random question
but what resolution do you take your photos in? they all look super high quality. you must use a fair bit of bandwith on flickr. i only have a free account and so can only do a few a month (when i get time)
21st Mar, 2006 10:25 (UTC)
not especially big
--- 2048 x 1536, just snapshots really. That said, I did use up the bandwidth pretty fast when I was a free user. I got my paid account on some preferential early adopter rates, but I tend to pay for these things anyway -- it's a lot less than I sink in booze or at the cinema, after all ...
21st Mar, 2006 01:05 (UTC)
I found this site


but no mention of your cast bas-reliefs

could just fancy a walk in that park about now but its 3 minutes past one
3rd Apr, 2006 15:16 (UTC)
After some discussion, we found that it's not quite the Utopian alphabet -- and anyway translates as gibberish. Best guess is that the artist either took some liberties, or there was a casting error.
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