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easter egg strip tease

could be the most delicious chocolate egg ever in the world everwhat's this inside?
a second layer of dark chocolate ganachebonus chicks

Public service announcement: this may be the most delicious easter egg ever created. Also: bonus chicks!


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23rd Mar, 2006 08:37 (UTC)
Good heavens! Chocolate before breakfast can't be right -- even just looking at it.
23rd Mar, 2006 10:47 (UTC)
one breakfast down but would happily eat another
I got up at 6.30 this morning, it's practically the middle of the day already ...
23rd Mar, 2006 10:51 (UTC)
Breakfast highly recommended A+++++++ would eat again a credit to ebay
Wowee. I was a late starter today, marking at home, but I'd rather be in the garden.
23rd Mar, 2006 11:02 (UTC)
definitely a garden day
And I have lurid cultivated primroses to plant out, too. Still, I got to have a cup of tea on the concrete wasteland patio last night and hopefully I'll get home in useable light today, too
23rd Mar, 2006 13:25 (UTC)
afterwork garden light
You'll get extra next week. Hooray!
23rd Mar, 2006 08:44 (UTC)
where did you get that egg?
23rd Mar, 2006 08:56 (UTC)
oh I see, Marks & Spencers, here I come!
23rd Mar, 2006 08:45 (UTC)
Chocolate before breakfast.MMmmm...Looks sublime.That does appear to be an excellent egg.
23rd Mar, 2006 11:09 (UTC)
I saw it in M&S this morning but couldn't decide between that and caramel crunch (as I had to rush for train) but on second thoughts I'm going back for both.
23rd Mar, 2006 20:42 (UTC)
I went back this evening and they were all sold out!
23rd Mar, 2006 13:00 (UTC)
This seemed relevant
23rd Mar, 2006 16:30 (UTC)
That's so cute! :-)

I noticed no sugar-chicks pushing their way out of sugary-egg though.
23rd Mar, 2006 20:43 (UTC)
I've got some chicks in for the weekend, we'll have to see whether terrifying pipecleaner chick adventures follow.
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