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chicks in need of an identity -- please help

the cake-topper chicks by Jeremy Dennis.

The cake-topper chicks, what do they make of life in the cake-shop? What thoughts blunder through their lurid, pipe-cleanery heads? Do they dream of having an easter cake of their own? Are the ones face-down in the bottom row despairing or plotting revenge? And what's with that sheep?

You can help these chicks gain an individual identity.

Just click through to the picture, and use the magic of Flickr's "add note" function.

They're waiting for you to tell them who they are.


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24th Mar, 2006 16:38 (UTC)
Unitentional irony i'm sure, but that's just how REAL battery chickens are kept! What a statement that store is making!
24th Mar, 2006 18:51 (UTC)
Oh, when I saw it on Flickr, I thought I'd started a trend by adding the first note. I didn't realise you'd asked everyone else to do it! :)
24th Mar, 2006 20:22 (UTC)
still ahead of the curve
You added your note before I asked people to ...
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