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the trebuchet swings again

(Advertised in Oxford freesheet Daily Information for some reason)

The Dangerous Sports Clubwho invented Bungee Jumping, for the first time offer the public a chance to enjoy
THE BIG FLING - being catapulted by a trebuchet 80ft high and 200ft in distance into a safe net. (Hundreds of practise shots have been fired to ensure safety.) SUNDAY APRIL 7TH Venue: Middlemoor Water Park, Woolavington, Nr. Bridgewater, Somerset. Ring David Atkinhead 01278 434144/07815 616531 This event will be televised. All welcome to come and watch.

And yes, they do have pictures.


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5th Apr, 2002 04:46 (UTC)
We're such wimps over here in the USA. There'd be so many lawsuits and potential for lawsuits, that it'd never "get off the ground" (so to speak).

A friend of mine once wanted to do a "Crossbows and Catapults"-themed amusement park. He wanted to hide crash test dummies in the bushes around The Big Catapult.

For putting people at ease, maybe.

5th Apr, 2002 05:25 (UTC)
Re: weeeee!
Lawsuits are less of a stress over here (plus, "Dangerous Sports", hey it does what it says on the packet, and you expect the sprains and bruises) but you've got to wonder how they got insurance ....

(and hope like hell that someone isn't scratching their head right now and saying, "insurance?")

... I wonder where it's being televised?
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