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The veneer split on my tooth yesterday evening -- just after the clinic had closed, of course. It's the zombie tooth, and the sealant's intact, so there's no pain -- but it looks a bit whrrr. I'm getting the bodge put in tomorrow, at which point I'll find out how much more b******ed this'll leave my finances. Does your dentist scare you? Only when she shows me the bill. Heh. Visual below, may not go well with lunch.

cracked veneer


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5th Apr, 2006 11:05 (UTC)
What were you saving up for? Let me guess...
  • a life sized model of a pterodactyl made of traslucent pink plastic?
  • solid gold ceiling tiles?
  • a bouncy gazebo?
  • an extension for a permanent Barbie bowling skittle alley?
  • a new bionic tooth that shoots poisoned darts?
5th Apr, 2006 11:08 (UTC)
pink? I don't think so!!!
Guess again

(well, OK a couple of those are sort of right, but more on the long-term list than the oh-in-a-month-or-so I might be able to afford! list)
5th Apr, 2006 12:42 (UTC)
It really sucks having to spend money on stuff like dental work.
Must say your teeth look generally stunning,though... Most unlike my increasingly-scarce and wonky old piano keys.
My dentist scares me very much, at all times. Weird.
5th Apr, 2006 19:27 (UTC)
Re: Sympathy...
I remember being really resentful about having to use all my birthday money on dentists when I was a student. There's no such thing as nationally funded dentistry in New Zealand, although people tell me it's getting that way here now too.

I've not been for a few years now. I really should see about getting myself a dentist in the UK.
5th Apr, 2006 12:55 (UTC)
Sympathy wincing here.

The dentist only scares me when I have to see him.

Or think of him.

Or anything related to dentistry in general.

Other than that, not at all.
5th Apr, 2006 12:58 (UTC)
my childhood dentist was an evil monster.

I have a real dreamboat now. He's all tall, dark and handsome, super professional and really sweet.
5th Apr, 2006 15:19 (UTC)

I hope it all works out for the best!
5th Apr, 2006 16:53 (UTC)
A related article - though I probably wouldn't recommend this dental solution...

5th Apr, 2006 18:07 (UTC)
i know someone who did this, but i forget where -- maybe bangkok?
6th Apr, 2006 08:47 (UTC)
I think I'll stick with Ruth Bird, Dental Surgeon. She's lovely.
6th Apr, 2006 10:50 (UTC)
and she has amazing blue-rimmed rectangular glasses.
5th Apr, 2006 18:12 (UTC)
you look like elvis or billy idol. did a piece of veneer fall off?
6th Apr, 2006 08:46 (UTC)
fear my sneer
I was chewing a hang-nail and the damn veneer cracked all the way across. Which is NOT what I'd call heavy use.
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