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Oh oh, oh, just look who has a livejournal. gideondefoe. Gideon "adventures with pirates" Defoe. He also has his own website, because (he says) Rupert Murdoch told him to: Rupert assures me he would like nothing more than to spend millions of pounds on publicising my pirate books, but he says he can't spare the cash. I think this is partly because he loses so much small change in that wrinkly face of his, but mainly it is because he is saving up for one of those Doomsday Planet-Eating Devices, "like Galactus has!". [Via stellanova.]

I realise that some of you may know this already but other people need to know ... I hope that this useful reminder will brighten your afternoon.

(The irrelevant title comes from my latest spambot poet (it , be !) -- here's one of my recent favourites:

Account # 10716G

hummel not jensen some sunny in attributive
and righteous a animadversion in configure
but ceramium try dozen the post may barr a inventor
it's academy
try stumble
some often
but collier a fortnight it altern be
lindstrom it's buzzing
the cathodic some akers
see goatherd not entice
be , elinor it's kraft not
, hereunder some parapet see


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