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( 9 worms — Feed the birds )
7th Apr, 2006 09:23 (UTC)
'She said: "It is incredibly stupid ... But it doesn't surprise me."'

Mm, it doesn't surprise me either...
*misses East Oxford*
7th Apr, 2006 09:24 (UTC)
Good old East Oxford
The occupants of the house were not in when the police made their discovery.

7th Apr, 2006 10:23 (UTC)
Re: Good old East Oxford
Hang on.. they propped the door open with cannabis plants, then went out?
7th Apr, 2006 14:55 (UTC)
Re: Good old East Oxford
I can only imagine they felt the place need a bit of an airing after a winter cooped up with 800 pot plants in one house...
7th Apr, 2006 19:05 (UTC)
Re: Good old East Oxford
Well, sure beats trying to remember where the hell one put one's keys...

Marijuna does impact memory, you know. :-)
7th Apr, 2006 09:52 (UTC)
Two streets away from me, no less!! I'm appalled.

I do heart the E.Ox too!
7th Apr, 2006 11:28 (UTC)
I love the person in the article who made a really bland, generic, uncontestable comment then asked not to be named...
7th Apr, 2006 19:04 (UTC)
Hmmm...well what else did they say that were afraid might get printed? ;-)
7th Apr, 2006 19:04 (UTC)
East Ox ... hehe, and interesting how all those home intruders kept missing that place!
( 9 worms — Feed the birds )