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the high yield killing test just seemed like the right thing to do after Babblin' Babs left for the day: and what do you know:

"Congratulations, you are a Serial Killer! Others prefer mass killings, or years of blood and hate, but your blood-lust is much more cultivated and refined. A high body count is not your turn on, you like the hunt, the selection of the perfect prey, and the slow torture before the kill. Sometimes, you renew your thirst for life by consuming a portion of your victim. Some people like caviar and classical music, you like human eyes and bloodcurling shrieks of ultimate pain. There is, as they say, no accounting for taste."

However, when I took the murder test (handily on the same site) I only came out as 37% likely to commit murder:

"Your hit list if pretty short, but you do have one. You know the difference between right and wrong, but you just don't see what the fuss is all about. If you had a choice, you would probably head off down the path of goodness, but if cornered you will fight your way out like a rabid dog. Your balance between light and dark leaves your world bright enough to be "normal" and dark enough so that no one sees the severed head in the closet."

Actually, there's no contradiction there, is there?

You can take the High Yield Killing Method Test at aralyra.net but be warned, it's daaaark in there.


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8th Apr, 2002 04:13 (UTC)
Soft as shite

"You have a few little quirks here and there and no one ever did find your childhood cat, Fluffy. But, when it all comes down, you are a really good person. Your strict moral code is hard for others to live up to, and you probably don't get laid much. But, there's definitely a harp with your name on it. You might want to give your conscience the weekend off and have a few drinks, the world can be pretty fun if you loosen up a little."

Who'd've thought?
8th Apr, 2002 05:49 (UTC)
Re: Soft as shite
ahhh you softie you ;)
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