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dinosaur construction problem
dinosaur construction problem
Solution: needs more beer

Oh, this is a very, very poor quality blogging experience. I get the impression that the "improvements" to the scrapbook system were really not ready to go live.

But anyway. Yesterday. juggzy called me to beer, meaning that I wandered back a bit late, clutching a wooden-like foam skeletal apatosaurus. We never did find out where that last bit went.

We needed food before music, so arrived too late for Holiday Stabbings but in time for the_evenings getting all crunchy and harsh and steel-and-black, a fine lead-in for the main attraction, two noise experimentallists doing, ah, stuff. One was Japanese guy with a glowing blue earpiece, a miked-up oxygen mask and two tables covered with knobs, the other an American with the shaved mage look and a home-made framework covered with percussion objects made from recycled materials -- big chunk of metal with holes, a tattooed bass skin played with variant maracas, the lid of an oil drum etched with what looked like a drug-directed mizmaze. It was all very active, and hit (among other things) the resonant frequency of my coat, and of my cardigan (which was tucked into the lining of my coat). I turned down the offer to sit on ginger_princess's amp, though, as I hadn't brought any earplugs. Then we went home and watched Vampyr  (1932) while discussing the nature and qualities of consciousness, not too deep into the night...

Wow. I'm spending as much time correcting this code as it is buggering it up. Impressive.

Thanks very much for all your opinions about aubergines and chocolate. Following accidental exposure to the Two Slightly Fat Gentlemen Who Act Gay But Probably Aren't last night, I have an idea for a recipe. P.S. buddleia -- top suggestion about the mint.


13th Apr, 2006 10:52 (UTC)
I have your dinosaur held hostage
But you didn't tell us about KK Null vs Z'ev.....

13th Apr, 2006 10:58 (UTC)
Re: I have your dinosaur held hostage
keep watching, I'm fighting the system here -- it'll appear as edits