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scrapbook workaround test using doodle

just a doodle

I'm thinking of uploading doodles for a bit. It just appeals. Go click to see in full.


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13th Apr, 2006 15:51 (UTC)
I like that a lot.
What was the inspiration?
13th Apr, 2006 16:05 (UTC)
a meeting about physical/mental/social health meetings for young people
You can see some of the notes in part. In full they read:

Skill-sharing. Bullying - Alcohol. Games. Games for engaging the general while the specific are waiting to be seen: upskilling. Drop-in sessions "just not sustainable".

I think I had some sort of idea that for people who didn't want to engage over a specific problem or socially as a group, creative expression creates something that can either be supportive or emphasising of problems.

The green at the bottom is not grass, it's my hair.
13th Apr, 2006 16:18 (UTC)
More Doodles! Now!

Oh, I've got a Jeremy Dennis in my own notebook. I'll go look at that instead.
13th Apr, 2006 18:19 (UTC)
beautiful doodle!! I haven't even touched the scrapbook.
13th Apr, 2006 18:28 (UTC)
Oh More, Please...
Yes, doodles!
13th Apr, 2006 19:42 (UTC)
Spirit of a bottle of a different kind?
13th Apr, 2006 20:46 (UTC)
that is cool cool cool. more doodles please.
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