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sick as a green parrot

Expecting an email? Sorry, I've been ill, one of those falling-down-and-very-vague sorts of flus. Fortunately it was brief, and I'm all better today, back at work and everything.

And now for a message from the Queen, 80 today and a smug as a bucket of cats with buttered paws: It's on days like this that one is truly delighted to be the REPTILIAN OVERLORD of millions of pathetic subjects, both of England and the Commonwealth. Bwa-ha-ha-ha. Ha. Ha..

Actually, I may still be a little feverish.

P.S. Did anyone else see oxyrhynchite on that Mary Renault documentary? Apparently is he is an auth-or-i-tay! I shall endeavour to respect him more...


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21st Apr, 2006 11:25 (UTC)
Yo, Yig-Niggurath, out of her head, you hear me!

21st Apr, 2006 11:57 (UTC)
21st Apr, 2006 15:10 (UTC)
The eerie resemblance between her teeth and her pearls are beginning to make me feel like I'm in an Edgar Allen Poe story.
21st Apr, 2006 15:19 (UTC)
Are those pearls? I thought they were the teeth of slayed miners' children.
21st Apr, 2006 13:44 (UTC)
feel better soon!!!
21st Apr, 2006 14:13 (UTC)
And to think I had you pegged as a royalist Jeremy! ha ha. Reptilian Overlord!
21st Apr, 2006 15:09 (UTC)
Hrgalgrf Princess Comic fleppinheckkking Lady Di graghl flip bloody flip haircuts and frilly collars chkkkrnhukkin Prince Edward's ex-housemaster hralghnpnagh Jubilee dresses and bake-sales

er, no.
23rd Apr, 2006 18:49 (UTC)
me on MR doc
It's the scar, isn't it? Chicks dig the scar.
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