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my little ... um *is* that a pony?

my little dear god what are these???

Look what I found, skulking in Boswells. I bet they beat up the My Little Ponies and make them cry. Speaking of which this link to the sculpie corset-mistress of the my little pony modding scene reminded me I've recently had a few conversations on the topic which I should follow up with links. That one's mostly corsets and weird decals -- if you fancy something a bit more whrr, try the Duran Duran mod, or the stealth bomber mod, or some freaky tiki my little ponies ... and yes, there is a Darth Pony, could you doubt it? Oh, and while we're at it -- an oldie, but a goodie -- porn star, or my little pony? (P.S. Edward Scissorhooves) (P.P.S. Dark Phoenix MLP, with 0 bids. So far.) Anyone yelling, dear god, my eyes!!! should bear in mind that I also like to watch documentaries about car crashes. It's a hideous fascination thing.

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