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29th Oct, 2001

Oh joy. Time wasting time. Read a journal (machine75), take some tests.

I AM 30% GEEK.

I probably work in computers, or a history deptartment at a college. I never really fit in with the "normal" crowd. But I have friends, and this is a good thing.

Take the GEEK Test at Fuali.com!

However, in my defense, I must point out that:

I AM 64% GOTH.

Image and attitude are my paths to Goth-dom. Graceful and scary. I am the Master, with many slaves.

Take the GOTH Test at Fuali.com!

Which came as a surprise to me. Who knew you could wear so much colour and still be a goth? .... on the other hand I did just drop off my velvet cloak at the cleaners so it'd be good for Halloween.


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28th Oct, 2001 16:22 (UTC)
Exciting test results

Well, I score 50% geek and 32% goth. How can I possibly be 32% goth (unless they award you 30% just for doing the test...)?


29th Oct, 2001 08:16 (UTC)
Re: Exciting test results
Wow - you've completely destroyed my faith in online tests :)
30th Oct, 2001 02:14 (UTC)
Re: Exciting test results
But I thought you'd already been to E-Mode. That hadn't done the trick already?

Ah wait, I forgot. They said nice things about you...
30th Oct, 2001 02:19 (UTC)
Re: Exciting test results
What do you mean they? Everyone says nice things about me! They were so wrong with yours though it was funny :)
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