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politics and royalty

winning in this area - except against gravity!

except against gravity!

Some people feel the Lib Dem signs are a little bit large ... but they did win in our area, so I suppose it paid off. For the first time in a while I didn't vote for the winning team (I used to be in a safe Green* ward) but I'm not too sullen as a) it was Lib Dem gain and b) we did manage to beat the "Respect" candidate to the bottom of the pile. Also, 39.12% turnout! Boo-yah! And some wards got around 50%! (Lib Dem 19, Lab 17, Green 8, ICWA 4)

Good day, ma'am, this is where they used to hang the prisoners -- and here's where they found the old plague pit!

jubilee flashbacks

In other news, the Queen is in town, opening the Oxford Castle site. All the buntings are giving me jubilee flashbacks, so I'm hiding in my office, whimpering, please don't make me wear a red-white-and-blue checked dress and serve creepy old men buns...

*Craig! He's, um, not as glamorous as this green candidate.


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5th May, 2006 10:16 (UTC)
Do people actually want creepy old men buns?
5th May, 2006 10:17 (UTC)
I was wondering if that was a hitherto-unfamiliar euphemism...
5th May, 2006 10:18 (UTC)
serve buns to creepy old men. While in a state of joyful royalist fervour.
5th May, 2006 10:21 (UTC)
The Tory-controlled council here banned all political signs, which gave the day a slightly odd air, as only the occasional "Polling Station" banners gave any hint an election was going on.
5th May, 2006 11:57 (UTC)
There was a Respect candidate! Erugh! I don't think they stood in wherever I was ... St Clements?
5th May, 2006 12:26 (UTC)
I should think not! You're in the East Oxford Green stronghold, are you not? Respect candidates would be hounded (politely and respectfully) out of the running in that area. But aren't you St Mary's? Well, same difference, it's all Green.
5th May, 2006 18:13 (UTC)
S'exactly - I've just checked - I'm St Clements. St Mary's is the wrong side of the Cowley road for me, I think. But as you say, it's all Green - even the shops on the Cowley road had Green posters up, presumably on the basis that a) Local elections aren't exactly controversial and b) supporting the winning-by-miles party isn't exactly controversial. And c) the people who buy falfels are unlikely to be staunch Tories?
5th May, 2006 12:28 (UTC)
The absence of cripples and tabloid photographers on my way back from lunch suggests her majesty may have passed, although the continuing ban on parking makes me suspect she may still be in the area.
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