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accessory heaven/weekly strip about tea

It's accessory heaven out there. Not only did I just pick up a red carnation buttonhole discarded carelessly in her majesty's wake, but I just walked past a pair of lime-green court shoes punched with decorative holes, threaded with an ornamental snake with stitching scales and sparkly eyes! So cool!

detail - metaphor

Hm-yeah, another one of those weeks that's been a bit of a week, really, so this week's strip is executed in biro and tea, and examines that weird phenomenon where people just can't (be bothered to) figure out how to fix something (or avoid breaking it) even though a moment's thought/experimentation would provide an acceptable working solution. I tried putting the light in flashing orange (as it is in real life) but it didn't look good ... orange isn't the best of colours onscreen. Speaking of which, although most of the tea is virtual, the bit spilt on the last panel is real.

P.S. That first panel is a tribute to Carol Lay.


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5th May, 2006 14:06 (UTC)
Addict. :)
5th May, 2006 14:07 (UTC)
Well, you just propelled me out of my seat upstairs to get a cup of tea. Not that I'd actually call it tea. It's the stuff work gets in in bulk, Tetleys in bags I think.
5th May, 2006 14:13 (UTC)
mmm tea. I think I'll get some for myself.
5th May, 2006 14:37 (UTC)
Mmm. Tea. Come to think of it, I believe there's a cup growing gradually closer to my ideal taste downstairs. Time for a break.
5th May, 2006 15:07 (UTC)
Tea-work on paper is supposed to be quite fun to do.
Perhaps I'll try it someday on Things I Can't Draw.

And I do have friends who have put tea in a closed container of cold water, shaken it, and drunk it very quickly when no hot water is available.

Apparently it's bitter, but it does the job.
5th May, 2006 15:12 (UTC)
How can I view these weekly strips properly? When I click on them, I get a brief, tantalising look and then it goes too small to see. any tips?
5th May, 2006 15:19 (UTC)
ah, that ---
Annoying, isn't it? If you hover your mouse over it for a moment, you should get a mysterious symbol appearing at the bottom left of the picture -- it varies from browser to browser -- I think in Mozilla it's a magnifying glass, in internet explorer it's this weird little square with arrows. Click on that and the picture should be viewable at its correct size.
5th May, 2006 15:24 (UTC)
or, to stop it ever being a problem again
-- turn off "enable automatic image resizing" in the Internet Options.

I mean, I assume someone must find it useful, but I can't imagine under what circumstances.
5th May, 2006 15:31 (UTC)
Re: or, to stop it ever being a problem again
Success! Thank you for that.
5th May, 2006 18:04 (UTC)
Terrific effect, actually.
BTW, did you meet the TONTO people when you were at GRRR! ? I can't remember if they came that time. I was hyping you to Edda Strobl. They publish some good-lookin' artycomic stuff.
8th May, 2006 09:31 (UTC)
Was Tonto the Italian crew? I spent most of my time wooing the Austrians when I was out there. All to no avail -- my weak will lead to collapsing out of an offer of a place in an anthology, anyway. I need something to give me more will ...
8th May, 2006 11:17 (UTC)
Well, at least you got an offer. Go for it, if she gets in touch,their stuff is gorgeously produced.They could do ya proud
(TONTO *are* the Austrian couple.) I think they would greatly like an invite to CAPTION, which I was also burbling about.
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