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accessory heaven/weekly strip about tea

It's accessory heaven out there. Not only did I just pick up a red carnation buttonhole discarded carelessly in her majesty's wake, but I just walked past a pair of lime-green court shoes punched with decorative holes, threaded with an ornamental snake with stitching scales and sparkly eyes! So cool!

detail - metaphor

Hm-yeah, another one of those weeks that's been a bit of a week, really, so this week's strip is executed in biro and tea, and examines that weird phenomenon where people just can't (be bothered to) figure out how to fix something (or avoid breaking it) even though a moment's thought/experimentation would provide an acceptable working solution. I tried putting the light in flashing orange (as it is in real life) but it didn't look good ... orange isn't the best of colours onscreen. Speaking of which, although most of the tea is virtual, the bit spilt on the last panel is real.

P.S. That first panel is a tribute to Carol Lay.

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