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I need to redraw some panels

teaser for a new minicomic
teaser for a new minicomic
A primer in Basic Goose

But I'm quite pleased with it so far. Clicking won't get you a big pile of other pictures this time, I'm afraid. It's been a busy week, at work and elsewhere.


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12th May, 2006 17:17 (UTC)
I tend to find geese alarming, but maybe knowing their language would help.
12th May, 2006 20:24 (UTC)
Your goldfinch envelope drawing will soon be making an appearance in my LJ. Within the hour, I hope.
12th May, 2006 21:01 (UTC)
kewl *nod**smile*
12th May, 2006 21:04 (UTC)

i like it
12th May, 2006 21:07 (UTC)
sorry, that was me
15th May, 2006 12:29 (UTC)
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