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In a terraced house, no less. Just thought you should know.

Right, I'll go back to reading about unsolved murders in Leeds now.

P.S. Apparently, that Da Vinci Code (Contains flagellation and other moderate violence). I'm going to be sniggering every time I read that (most of this afternoon then).

[EDIT] She's using her mobile phone again. Still haven't stopped the tweety noises, have we? Alright then:

I don't know which fandom this refers to but that robot cat is mighty cute.

Some of you may care enough about wine to join Corkd, the user-contributed wine database with the unfortunate name. Speaking of which, do you remember when we drank the wine Colin left behind? Well, I say drank, obviously I mean, sniffed dubiously then tipped down the sink.

Sunny D turns stream canary yellow. Don't drink it! It contains cloud!

Piano found on top of Ben Nevis. Minus keyboard, bizarrely.

I may have gone on about my new spambot swain? Meet Dotcommahyphen, who likes to comment on the big issues:

Re: Your family., sheep-kneed
weather vane deal board oxyquinoline sulphate
brain-crazed unit tare tape-grass family
sweet-piercing melon moth cat rig
pseudo femininity wild-flying lime plant
woe-destined sand sedge fertilizer hand
paper-saving crow garlic claw nut
penny hat web glazing dock hoist
gown-fashion wind band spider line

Re: Your wealth., half-learnedly

kurchee bark wall cabbage knobbling fire
fan-shape old-clothesman Pre-newtonian
pump cylinder chain wheel baby rambler
marathon race deck steward flower maker
cotton raiser sky shade date palm
intelligence office banana family long-stemmed
one-class U-shaped half-alive
mad-doctor sugar-cane borer glow lamp

Re: Your life, whiting packer

Free kirk borough-holder fossil mud crack
Lemuel gulliver quick-talking long-spurred
well casing fishing dory Greco-persian
hockey cart day shift hollow heart
twice-secured quasi appointment lignum vitae
salting kit bag work full-form
uneven-carriaged gem-bedewed barrel-bellied
quasi injury red-bar double-cup insulator [+ 3 more here]

P.S. I am jealous of Dave Cooper's ink-dipping gizmo. No more arm stretching misery!


19th May, 2006 14:23 (UTC)
Dithering about Os Mutantes, didn't want to post in your comments in case anyone else really wanted it though (does that make sense?)
19th May, 2006 14:48 (UTC)
I know what you mean, but...
...there doesn't seem to be a big rush for the ticket. You might like Nacao Zumbi a lot too I suspect (I can lend you music in advance if you want).

What's the root of the dithering -- lack of knowledge or over-commitment to other things?
19th May, 2006 14:54 (UTC)
mild dental terror
I'd like to see tropicalia (the exhibition) and have not yet -- this would be an excuse ideal (are you just going for the performance?) + there's the action man exhibition in soho I also fancy seeing -- but I am having my crown done in the morning and will have a numb face (although it should have worn off by the evening).
19th May, 2006 20:18 (UTC)
Re: mild dental terror
I've seen Tropicalia already and wasn't planning on seeing it again (seen it once in Chicago and once in the Barbican, not needing a third go!). I'm working that day so was only planning to get there just-in-time.
22nd May, 2006 15:24 (UTC)
Re: Tropicalia
I still haven't been to see that. Maybe we should go together like we originally planned? And then have drinks. I need drinks.
23rd May, 2006 07:25 (UTC)
Re: Tropicalia
.... hmmmm, don't suppose there's any chance you're around tomorrow, is there? Oh I'm LMplanning agains...
21st May, 2006 16:56 (UTC)
are you still dithering? drummygirl has popped up as a possible taker for the ticket...
21st May, 2006 18:15 (UTC)
feeling a wee bit gigged out
so going to wimp out of this one. Have fun with drummygirl!
21st May, 2006 20:23 (UTC)
Re: feeling a wee bit gigged out
ah well, hope dental shenanigans are ok. Will no doubt blog heavily on the gig...

j x