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Damn those foolish coffee making people, they're still filling the cafetiere from the boiler designed to dispense single mugs of hot water. THE FOOLS! But I'm not going to rant about that. Or Lordi winning Eurovision (although listening to my dentist and dental nurse debate this did enliven the fitting of my new bonded composite crown no end). Instead I'll go straight for cliche blogging subject #1 -- Dr Who! And specificially, a thought which popped into my head, nigh-fully-formed, as Mickey turned to his alternate self's hott lover fellow freedom fighter and said, "That's Rose Tyler, with The Doctor, in the Tardis". And that thought was: Slash Cluedo.

But you clicked, so you must want to know:

And look, it would work quite well! Let's take six classic objets du slash:

Captain Kirk (Colonel Mustard)
Buffy (Miss Scarlett)
Dr Who (Professor Plum)
Harry Potter (Reverend Green)
Angel (Mrs. White)
Servelan (Mrs. Peacock)

and then add six classic agitateurs du slash:

Rose Tyler (The Rope)
Spock (The Lead Pipe)
Spike (The Knife)
Avon (The Spanner)
Hermione Granger (The Candlestick)
Giles (The Revolver)

Then we just need to slightly redraw the board, space-time, and continuity as we know it:

board for playing slash cluedo - why not make you own?

And we have a fully operational game of Slash Cluedo. No need even to alter the rules. Well, you could probably have a bit of fun with the movement bonuses ...

Good thing I don't own a copy of Cluedo, though, or I might feel compelled to make it. Or think about making it and then make a nice cup of tea instead.

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