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reasons to be angry, part 1

1. You got pickpocketed.
2. You got pickpocketed while you were hugging a friend goodbye.
3. You weren't 100% sure you hadn't been stupid and dropped it somewhere, necessitating pavement-scouring dash back to cocktail bar through sheeting rain.
4. The thing you lost was your constant-companion digital camera.
5. It was a pretty lame camera two years ago, and even if the battery weren't flat (which it was, when stolen), without charger it would barely go on freecycle, let alone have a resale value, making this possibly the most pointless theft ever.
6. Except for the fact that on the memory stick (inside when stolen) it had 36 shots of the Action Man 40/40 exhibition and one of a heart-shaped rose petal in a soho gutter.
7. The battery had given up one shot before the card filled, meaning that the full card was left in the camera as opposed to swopped out for a nearly-empty one.
8. Chances are, the moment the theif discovered the camera "didn't work", it went straight into a Charing Cross rubbish bin.
9. Did I mention how hard it was raining at the time?


1. Whitechapel's Inner Worlds Outside puts classic madhouse art next to the artists it inspired or drove mad, and included a substantial amount of Madge Gill, recommended to anyone who likes obsessive cross-hatching, dream-maps and anti-perspective.

2. Action Man 40/40 at Blink Gallery in Soho (11 Poland Street) set the challenge to 40 artists/catoonists/doll modders/model makers/graffiti artists to customise a repro 1st edition action man (40 this year!). Contributions range from slapdash to political to eerie to weirdly obsessive; highlights include a Gandhi action man, various (and variously cute) monster doll mods, a guilt-stricken a-man in a hot pink exoskeleton and a flawless Moebius-inspired Glyn Dillon mod. Free, closes this Saturday, open 1-6pm. I'd show you pictures, but -- well -- you know.

3. Silk Stocking, Bramble, Rumble in the Jungle, Arnaud. Mmmm-mmm.

4. action man 40/40 - toy soldier & some more.


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25th May, 2006 12:16 (UTC)
oh arse!
25th May, 2006 12:19 (UTC)
What a shite thing to happen. It's funny, whenever I have a bike nicked I do similar. I go through all the things that weren't so good with it to try and make it less of a loss. Loosing the heart shaped petal is heartbreaking though.
25th May, 2006 12:21 (UTC)
Bum! It doesn't help, of course, but I reallly feel yer pain. Bucking Fastards!
25th May, 2006 12:22 (UTC)
Well, fuck. I suppose it's a good reason to buy one you've had your eye on? Fucking dippers.
25th May, 2006 12:48 (UTC)
Oh, no! How heartbreaking. And now I want to see that rose petal in the gutter, too. But this opens up all sorts of philosophical half-formed pre-morning-coffee thoughts on the transience of art, and how even if no one can view it anymore, it was still a worthy photograph-making experience.
25th May, 2006 13:40 (UTC)
I'm trying to restrain myself from attempting to redraw (some of) the photographs from memory.
25th May, 2006 13:16 (UTC)
25th May, 2006 13:18 (UTC)
That's a shame about Action Man--it looks like a really great exhibit!
25th May, 2006 16:14 (UTC)
did get a few shots with my back-up camera
action man 40/40 - gandhi action man

action man 40/40 - toy soldier

But it's such a stupid camera that not much detail comes through.
25th May, 2006 18:01 (UTC)
Re: did get a few shots with my back-up camera
oooh, :-(, don't you want to go back now?
25th May, 2006 13:42 (UTC)
check your house insurance, you may find it actually covers you. I think.
I'm sorry!
25th May, 2006 14:22 (UTC)
This is true. I didn't think of that. It's worth checking. Look for a clause which says it'll pay for a replacement rather than "market value" which is likely to be pretty minimal.
25th May, 2006 14:30 (UTC)
might get lost in the £100 excess
But I put in the claim this morning anyway. We'll see if I get anything.
25th May, 2006 14:13 (UTC)
is that your shiny sparkly camera?
sorry to hear it...
25th May, 2006 14:32 (UTC)
mmm yeah
though I was more pissed off by its shiny sparkly contents, which (unlike the camera) are irreplaceable.
25th May, 2006 15:10 (UTC)
Re: mmm yeah
yes, I should have said I am also sorry about that. like the idea of you redrawing some of them though!
25th May, 2006 14:30 (UTC)
Aw grud.
25th May, 2006 15:25 (UTC)
Boy hears ACTION, MAN ??
Theres also the possibility that the memory stick didnt go in the bin and reached the jerk's computer, possibly his being jarred to awake by the sub-signal facets of the photos that were taken by your vengeance queen persona or improve-your-life guru. Small consolation I suppose. Never knowing about the tea the pickpocket will spill over their lap.
25th May, 2006 15:40 (UTC)

Double-whammy, losing a camera full of photos. I hope someone finds it and rescues the card and posts the pictures. It could happen!

I hope you get to go back to the exhibition and take more photos.
25th May, 2006 16:18 (UTC)
it closes this sat, so not going to happen
but I got a few on my other camera

action man 40/40 - pink perverse remix
25th May, 2006 17:20 (UTC)
people are RUBBISH. i got pickpocketed near cambridge circus. all of london is suspicious.
25th May, 2006 17:58 (UTC)
Waah, that is sucktacular. What a horrid way to end a fab day. I'll try to post some of the good Action Man pics I took.

"3. Silk Stocking, Bramble, Rumble in the Jungle, Arnaud. Mmmm-mmm."

Mmmm-mmm indeed! :)
26th May, 2006 09:46 (UTC)
Cocktails! ohhhhh they wre yum
25th May, 2006 18:47 (UTC)
That's horrible. Sympathy.

I understand you caring more about the pictures than the piece of kit. My brother had his camera stolen at the very end of ATP last December, again with a full memory card including the last of his pictures from our Big Trip and some great ones of us at the festival. I'd planned which ones I was going to turn into icons and everything. I still regret their loss sometimes.
25th May, 2006 19:06 (UTC)
When my camera was stolen about a year and a half ago, it was like the world kicked my brain...
26th May, 2006 09:38 (UTC)
yes, but
when I got a mysterious dinosaur in the post this morning is was like the world had handed me champagne
26th May, 2006 09:44 (UTC)
Re: yes, but
I'm certain I have no idea what you're talking about.


But if I did know, then I'd probably say something like "I saw it in a Korean market and it started screaming JEREMY! at me until all the shoppers stared and I had to put it in the basket with my daikon and Korean green-tea distilled wine to get it to be quiet."


But I don't.
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