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got a new sketchpad last week

It's got a transparent cover with clouds, through which the first page of the book is clearly visible (see below).

sketchpad corner

I'm going to use it to record my brilliant ideas. This one isn't coloured in yet, and it needs at least a little bit of red. So it's not ready yet. But I really liked how it showed through the cover.

Meanwhile I'm drawing women in veils and thinking about harems and invisible veils; cities that are sex and faces which blur under over-exposure. Space goose and Dr Mothra. Holiday's over, time to start working.


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30th May, 2006 17:23 (UTC)
I do like the look of that...
roll on seeing it in person (though not tonight).

j x
30th May, 2006 17:29 (UTC)
aw, busy?
we should go out for drinks sometime after work this week, be nice to talk
30th May, 2006 17:58 (UTC)
not so much busy as was ill this morning, stuff still to pick up on this even
tummy ache in the wee hours of the morning, didn't get up till 1-ish.

Yes, let's do that. Thursday? I go past the Royal Oak sometimes and think of how we've met there before in the sunshine & enjoyed their large G&Ts together. So long as it's not been spoiled for you by tearful talks last summer...
31st May, 2006 07:53 (UTC)
still feeling peaky?
Read about that but thought you were over it ... and oh yes, thursday after work at the Royal Oak does sound like an excellent idea
1st Jun, 2006 14:27 (UTC)
Re: still feeling peaky?
Does 6 ish sound ok? See you there & then (ish)...
1st Jun, 2006 15:56 (UTC)
suits me fine
see you there then
30th May, 2006 18:15 (UTC)
That one would make a great T-shirt, white on black, on the back, preferably a fitted.baby doll structure with a huge fucking v-neck plunge at the front.

T-shirts available from Tesco's. I've got the inkjet printer and the inkjet T-shirt printing thingies ...
31st May, 2006 07:58 (UTC)
the whole thing or just the computerheads? I should do a higher res scan either way. Been ages since I've made a t-shirt ....
31st May, 2006 08:50 (UTC)
The whole thing! Then people would have something to read while waiting behind you in the queueueue for the toilets, or something.
30th May, 2006 18:43 (UTC)
I have a bellydancer desktop picture! Totally on the same page Jeremy!
Your sketchbook is quite lush!
30th May, 2006 18:48 (UTC)
Ooo, clouds: pretty.

[Btw, just tried to post something on the Caption LJ page, but it doesn't seem to allow new entries. Curious.]
30th May, 2006 20:10 (UTC)
it's a moderated community so it will need tinyjo or truecatachresis to release it... but I've now posted it myself so it's up. Thanks...
31st May, 2006 07:57 (UTC)
Well, it seemed right up your street.

If you haven't seen a copy, Misty gets three pages in Graham Kibble-White's The Ultimate Book of British Comics (2005), which also covers Debbie, Diana, Emma, Girl (both versions), Jackie, Mandy, Nikki, Penny, Robin, Spellbound and, of course, Jinty.
31st May, 2006 08:34 (UTC)
Colour version
(link to strip)
31st May, 2006 09:54 (UTC)
invisible veils

Ah. I think you've sparked something there. Thanks.
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