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this week's strip plus some random blather

the stolen shrub is sweetest

So, yes, this week's strip. The stolen shrub is sweetest. Every word of it is absolutely true, of course. Just look at the keep left sign, if unconvinced. The monsters under the bed may have had a bit of an Ocean Odyssey makeover.

Sunny lunchhour brings accessories joy: one lady has simple earrings of a blue glass bead wrapped with shiny copper wire; another has a rucksack printed with a picture of rucksacks pretending to be mountains.

The tragedy of "sort by most interesting" strikes: I was only looking for Scorpions on Flickr.

This tiny mouse is included for damiancugley: It clicks with the thumb! To here the finger mouse which becomes small.

Some of you may be interested in the Dave McKean retrospective on at Banbury museum. It's open office hours on Saturday and 10.30-4.30 on Sunday and admittance is free -- until June 18. The museum's an easy walk from the station (or you could always go by boat...)

Also, spambot dotcommahyphen clearly knows me:

everybody wins!

vinegar-faced safe-cracker quasi estimation
sengreen saxifrage noble gas crow tit
silver-bearing extra-urban convex-concave
bez antler jaw-cracking blue-headed
charlotte russe mercury-vapor turbine well-intentioned
ram cat heart-stirring rush-bordered
tent bed ink bottler pie-eyed
accrual basis water-lined side aisle

(or at any rate is reading my blog)

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