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the stolen shrub is sweetest

So, yes, this week's strip. The stolen shrub is sweetest. Every word of it is absolutely true, of course. Just look at the keep left sign, if unconvinced. The monsters under the bed may have had a bit of an Ocean Odyssey makeover.

Sunny lunchhour brings accessories joy: one lady has simple earrings of a blue glass bead wrapped with shiny copper wire; another has a rucksack printed with a picture of rucksacks pretending to be mountains.

The tragedy of "sort by most interesting" strikes: I was only looking for Scorpions on Flickr.

This tiny mouse is included for damiancugley: It clicks with the thumb! To here the finger mouse which becomes small.

Some of you may be interested in the Dave McKean retrospective on at Banbury museum. It's open office hours on Saturday and 10.30-4.30 on Sunday and admittance is free -- until June 18. The museum's an easy walk from the station (or you could always go by boat...)

Also, spambot dotcommahyphen clearly knows me:

everybody wins!

vinegar-faced safe-cracker quasi estimation
sengreen saxifrage noble gas crow tit
silver-bearing extra-urban convex-concave
bez antler jaw-cracking blue-headed
charlotte russe mercury-vapor turbine well-intentioned
ram cat heart-stirring rush-bordered
tent bed ink bottler pie-eyed
accrual basis water-lined side aisle

(or at any rate is reading my blog)


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7th Jun, 2006 14:04 (UTC)
this week's is BRILLIANT!! BRILLIANT I tell you!!
7th Jun, 2006 14:25 (UTC)
That is fantastic. You are a gardening ninja!
7th Jun, 2006 15:39 (UTC)
in my hoodie and docs. Yay verily, I move like a shadow. A clumsy, noisy shadow.
7th Jun, 2006 14:35 (UTC)
ha ha , fab!
7th Jun, 2006 15:00 (UTC)
Heh heh, gardening ninja indeed. Inspired!
7th Jun, 2006 15:13 (UTC)
Oh, can't you carry on doing that just sometimes? We could form the Ninja Assassin Gardener's club.
7th Jun, 2006 15:37 (UTC)
well, if you fancy it
Guerilla gardening is already a phenomenon. Been on the culture show and everything.
7th Jun, 2006 17:20 (UTC)
Re: well, if you fancy it
No reason not to start up a splinter group. The New Garden Remodelling Army, or something.

Might do a post. Something to do over the summer hols, innit?
7th Jun, 2006 15:24 (UTC)
ink-bottle pie-eyed
And I love your spambot. Several of the lines could describe me at the moment. (Though, while I am sometimes blue-headed, I'm not Bez)
7th Jun, 2006 15:40 (UTC)
vinegar-faced safe-cracker?
It was "jaw-cracking blue-headed" that clinched it for me.
7th Jun, 2006 15:36 (UTC)
Is that the new inks? They look lovely!
7th Jun, 2006 15:42 (UTC)
No, that's computer colouring. There'll be some stuff with the new inks soon, though.
7th Jun, 2006 15:54 (UTC)
I've been hearing from the selfsame spambot. My favourite element was "narrow-laced Neo-egyptian north-northeast new-looking palette knife". How did it know I had one of those?
9th Jun, 2006 10:51 (UTC)
spam_poetry is getting most of mine
7th Jun, 2006 21:01 (UTC)
Ninja Gardener was already taken.

I will go, then, for Batshit Englander.
9th Jun, 2006 10:50 (UTC)
Reminder to self: install bat boxes
8th Jun, 2006 09:23 (UTC)
The cable is not entwined! Conveyance compact!
9th Jun, 2006 10:49 (UTC)
I shall interpret that as a compliment. :) Thanks
8th Jun, 2006 17:04 (UTC)
Awwww. You soppy thing, you.

That Dave McKean thing is interesting. Can't make it this weekend, wonder if a can persuade someone to take a day trip next weekend?
9th Jun, 2006 10:48 (UTC)
Saturday's out
But I could make the Sunday -- last day! What do you think?
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