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camera stolen : solution, buy new camera

way too brightlook new camera

Farewell, sparkly little Samsung; greetings, Finepix with your grand-daddy instamatic styling.

The Samsung was kind of goofy, I suppose ...

yes I wear the cardigan

Look! I also got a new watch. Clicky on the piccy to see me put the Finepix through its paces.

time test: passed


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11th Jun, 2006 18:46 (UTC)
You're too too adorable for words in that sweater!!
11th Jun, 2006 19:20 (UTC)
I second that :-)
11th Jun, 2006 22:27 (UTC)
It's kind of funny (odd) that the writing on your hand is the same as your comics handwriting, though of course there's no reason why that should be funny. It's just abit like, ooh, look, that's not some special comics handwriting, and it gets used in real life SHOCK. Teehee.
11th Jun, 2006 23:50 (UTC)
I like your watch and if I had one just the same I'd be tempted to make "brmmmmm" noises when I raise my wrist to tell the time.
12th Jun, 2006 09:43 (UTC)
funny you should mention that ...
12th Jun, 2006 00:39 (UTC)
Oooh...cool shots. Specifically what sort of Finepix? And excellent watch... have you got a clouds thing going on?Reminiscent of your recent notebook, no?
12th Jun, 2006 09:42 (UTC)
she's got a cloud thing going on
well, a sky thing really.

It's the recently rendered obsolete FinePix Z1, now vastly reduced everywhere.
12th Jun, 2006 22:31 (UTC)
Hooray! New camera!

I adore your watch. If it were mine (I wish!), I'd have accidentally snapped off the airplane already.
13th Jun, 2006 09:22 (UTC)
it *has* already broken
... but not the plane, the buckle went first! I'm rough on watches. I'm using a twist tie to keep it on ...
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