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From jinty, who hears from Motoko that Lee B-W (percyprune) has been taken ill, similar problems to what got him in hospital in April. The diagnosis is Diverticulitis -- about which you probably only need to know that it's nasty stuff going on in the colon -- and he'll be in hospital for a few weeks. Rushed to A&E last night, operated on this morning, recovering well.


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13th Jun, 2006 11:27 (UTC)
thanks. it sounded awful when he was posting here about it -- i'm glad he is going to be okay.

i also cannot believe that jenni got this news in america, where she is right now.
13th Jun, 2006 13:31 (UTC)
Give her a hug from me, hm?
13th Jun, 2006 13:35 (UTC)
Re: yeah
I have received your hug via the miracle of t't internet -- am still with Steve and Jessie who are fully internetted up, thankfully. But in return I will give Sharyn a hug from you when I see her on Friday, yes?
13th Jun, 2006 13:46 (UTC)
(that was the sound effect of me shaking my head vigorously)

Tell you what, you can give each other a hug. That should work ;)

13th Jun, 2006 15:50 (UTC)
Urgh. I had completely missed the April event due to being abroad and internetless. Its sounds awful. Please pass on my best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery.
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