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But enough of such things. Although you can play in mine, if you want. It's embarassingly small, or was when I took a look at it.

Finally gave up on Wednesday last. The previous day, all four bosses who can boss me around had told me to go home, so I guess I was starting to look overfrayed. I'm back in the office today, but boss's boss's boss says I look pale; and everyone else says they can still hear it. "It" being some sort of virus cold bitch hell thing that will not die. At least, I really hope that's what it is. My mum, who was visiting at the weekend (I spent wednesday and thursday in frantic rest to get the strength up for that) detects lifestyle fatigue, and tells me that I need to slow down. She also tells me that I need to visit her. Contradictions run in the family.

It wasn't the most successful visit ever, but she was exhausted by already having seen three of my sisters and their various offspring/partner/attachment/things. So it probably wasn't altogether my fault. Although I feel compelled to pass out a terrible warning. The Trout pub, wandering destination of Wolvercote, has recently been chained with extreme prejudice. It now sports the most inexplicable queueing system known to man and a speaker in every nook and cranny, cranking out the most revolting soft pop imaginable. I ended up clawing my ears and audibly groaning, and still got the sort of earworm that makes you wake up and want to commit suicide. Go to the Perch instead. It's lovely.

Saturday ... well, the less said about Saturday the better, I think. But on Sunday, I got to do something I liked. More about that later.

Hm, I just got 5onged again, didn't I? Five tracks I'm digging right now, with linkage where available:

1. Hot Chip/Over and Over Over and over and over and over - like a monkey with a miniature cymbal - the joy of repitition really is in you and that's the full track there on myspace, yay.

2. Tiga/Sir Sir Sir Now you've got me training foxes, while you put your world in boxes -- that's just a snippet I'm afraid. And it's a hidden track on the album, too. Annoying.

3. Dresden Dolls/My Alcoholic Friends should I chose a noble occupation - if I did I’d only show up late and sick and they would stare at me with hatred - plus my only natural talent’s wasted - on my alcoholic friends -- that's some annoying online shop scraping service I'm linking to there, sorry, but it says it'll let you listen.

4. Ladyfuzz/Staple Gun I put my heart back together with a staple gun - I put my heart back together with a staple gun ...and I'm sorry, but it's really not worth offering you a clip because the whole point of the song is the slow build and complete change.

5. Loud Family/A Horse with no Name in the desert you don't remember your name, 'cause there ain't no-one for to give you no shame ...ah yes, I've been ranting about this mad scottish electro cover on and off to many friends, usually getting the name of the artist wrong. Idiot me.

(Sorry, no time to tag. Pick it up if you want to.)

Speaking of which, does anyone want an invite to emusic? Invites to Flickr are so last season, after all. Music comes DRM-free and the choice is broad. If so, reply with the name of some bands you'd fancy spending your 25 free tracks on. You can just join on your own, of course, but this way, I'll get free tracks -- if you like it.


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27th Jun, 2006 17:49 (UTC)
Love the Dresden Dolls - a hometown band 'round these parts. They've got some bizarre show cooked up for the American Repertory Theatre this winter that I'm looking forward to.

Hope you are feeling a bit better...
27th Jun, 2006 17:49 (UTC)
Thanks for those.

I would download whatever you told me to download. Hey!
28th Jun, 2006 22:55 (UTC)
what, anything?
27th Jun, 2006 19:19 (UTC)
Yeah. Get well soon hon. Enjoying your dungeon by the way, its lifted my spirits some.
27th Jun, 2006 19:43 (UTC)
Invite me
to emusic! I will even pick up tunage when my internets work properly.
28th Jun, 2006 22:53 (UTC)
Re: Invite me
It's pretty slick and tidy.
27th Jun, 2006 20:51 (UTC)
The Trout was ruined by Evil Pub Company (at the time they were Bass, then became Six Fuckwits Continents, and are now known as Mitchell's & Butlers) about five years ago. Still a beautiful location, but everything else is identikit and most of the food is microwaved.

The wanted to do the same with the Perch, but fortunately the locals objected.
27th Jun, 2006 21:18 (UTC)
I don't like that dungeon thing. I got attacked by mr snips the zombie and charliedisaster the floating eye.Don't need it...
28th Jun, 2006 22:51 (UTC)
They really ought to do a role-playing massage parlour variant: You are in a dimly lit corridoor. Mr Snips the Bathing Instructor offers you a deep tissue massage ...
(Deleted comment)
28th Jun, 2006 22:49 (UTC)
One weird suggestion on its way. Hope you find some stuff you like!
28th Jun, 2006 08:40 (UTC)
My dungeon is the special hell
Just be grateful you didn't get attacked by Callum Keith Rennie. I would die of shame.
I would love an emusic invite. My mind is blank on bands just this second, though.
28th Jun, 2006 22:39 (UTC)
die of shame?
"You are in a dim corridoor. The floor is covered in pretty pretty boys. The walls are decorated with pretty pretty girls."

One stupid music invite on its way ...
28th Jun, 2006 14:30 (UTC)
invite meeeeeee.

I'm glad you love that Ladyfuzz track as much as I do. I'm still debating over getting the album, though, cos none of the other tracks are like that.
28th Jun, 2006 22:21 (UTC)
oh yeah
it was my killer track from a couple of CDs ago. The current one's Clean on the Dirty by (who the hell are they anyway?) Bestellabeast ...

one invite coming up -- oh, and I picked up the Ladyfuzz album cheap at Fop, you want a copy?
30th Jun, 2006 17:03 (UTC)
Re: oh yeah
I don't know anything about Bestellabeast except that track which I downloaded of a music blog (won't tell you which one, it's where most of the tracks on your CDs have been coming from...)

I would love a copy of the Ladyfuzz album (plus also those CocoRosie and Dresden Dolls ones you promised me) -- I can do you a copy of the new Camera Obscura, Fiery Furnaces and probably some other cool things, or just more comps if you want?
3rd Jul, 2006 18:24 (UTC)
I'm so useless at mailing things. The cocorosie's being elusive at the moment, but there should be a passel of women on their way to you shortly. Contents may vary, etc. etc. Did you want the old Dresden Dolls and Cocorosie albums also?
5th Jul, 2006 13:37 (UTC)
Re: heheh
Yes please. I shall think of some stuff to send in return...
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