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film season is open - offical .

Cycling into work today I spotted a gaggle of Cavaliers hanging around outside the Sheldonian Theatre, looking thoroughly appropriate to the contemporary architecture. They looked bored. Yesterday Radcliffe Square was choked with enormous lorries. Christchurch Meadow has sprouted a light layer of marquees, road protectors and 4x4s. Film season is open again, with a vengeance. What are we standing in for this time? Paris? London? It looks a bit Musketeers for the new Potter flick (also in town, reputedly).

Lunchtime is the time for the time-honoured sport of tracking down a bored extra and having a chat. I have a brief word with a cigar-chomping wallfly in a remarkable hat, but there are bars between us, so I circumvent the set and track down a dandy fellow in Bodleian Square and compliment his stained but exquisitely detailed pale green silk suit. He's very proud of his hair; "all my own," he says. We get hooshed away by security, but he chats happily enough. Bored. Yep. They're shooting Cromwell and Fairfax, So Oxford is being Oxford for once. Dougray Scott is starring, along with James Bolam and Tim Roth, who's in town today, he says (Wow! I say. I'm easily pleased.) and Rupert Everett is playing King Charles (we laugh a bit about that) but I forget to ask who's playing Cromwell. If I had, I would have been laughing some more ...

(I must say, I don't see the resemblance.)

Oh for fucks sake -- just had to show Babs how to use a scroll bar. This is too much.


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15th Apr, 2002 09:45 (UTC)
So does that mean Tim Roth is Cromwell? Better not forget his warts!

You had to show her how to use a SCROLL BAR?!!
16th Apr, 2002 02:42 (UTC)
Tim Roth is Cromwell
Yes he is. Bonkers, eh? I guess in this case "good villain" trumped anything else about Roth. But then, our physical image of Cromwell is based almost exclusively on Luther Arkwright, which (for all Brian's historical realism) may be a rather warped image as a) the character in Luther Arkwright isn't the historical character but a descendant and b) we're basing our knowledge of history on Luther Arkwright??? Hehehe. Of course, I might be making quite unwarranted assumptions about your knowledge :)

I think what had her confused was the idea that scroll bars could be used to go up as well as down.
16th Apr, 2002 08:49 (UTC)
Re: Tim Roth is Cromwell
Ah well, actually I hadn't even thought of Luther Arkwright until you mentioned it -- but I still thought of Cromwell as stocky, perhaps a bit ugly, that sort of thing.

There are a couple of piccies that actually look rather like Roth; look here:
17th Apr, 2002 15:26 (UTC)
Re: Tim Roth is Cromwell
Wow, that's eerie! The one on the background page looks amazingly like Roth, and even the one on the BBC has his eyes ...

well, I guess my perception of Cromwell got distorted somewhere ... I'll just blame Bryan!

15th Apr, 2002 15:40 (UTC)
that woman needs to go away. far away.
15th Apr, 2002 16:00 (UTC)
i love Tim Roth.

that is all.
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