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relatively happy mondays

Astonishing sense of scale in the blue blue sky this morning. In the sky behind my office was a daylight moon, bright white in the ultra-clarity, lightly veiled by super-high soft mare's-tail clouds, and in front of them was a high, far-off plane, bright white in the screaming sunshine, bisecting the morning sky.

In other news: the internet makes me doubt my intelligence daily (below).

the internet makes me doubt my intelligence daily - detail

Yesterday must have been official ant-mating day. I went outside to work under the umbrella and got pelted by fat ants, wings freshly chewed off and looking for love. They're not optimised to sting, so it was no problem, except that I had to keep flicking horny ant-couples off my artwork, tsk-ing, saying; have you no shame?

P.S. Fish'n'Flush.


17th Jul, 2006 20:44 (UTC)
Now I want to know if owls can smell too.
17th Jul, 2006 21:08 (UTC)
shouldn't you be dancing?
Well, I know that vultures and petrels have a great sense of smell.

Americans seem to be of the opinion that they can't -- because Great Horned Owls hunt skunks. In the UK, owls are admitted to have a poor sense of smell.

-- and I just found some really disturbing fanfic. Oh hedwig, no!!!!