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the fat-feathered pigeon of despair

I'm still filling in old spaces in weeks and months gone by in the weekly strip, by the way. The latest is called Cold Pigeon Feet, there's a clip below, clicky for the full banana (mmm, bananas).

This tale of horror is dedicated to all my friends who have an aversion to flapping things.

detail from the fat-feathered pigeon of despair

In among the things that actually exist (bratz duvet cover, irritaing picnics, ugly toys) see above the dinosaur-shaped water feature. Should such a thing exist I would not hesitate to build me a pond. No amount of seething mosquito larvae would put me off. It's not clear from the picture, but those spots on his back are mini solar panels -- the power it supplies isn't great, so the flow from his mouth it more like a trickle. There's also a tortoise available, in the same range, which works rather better.

Hmmm. I wonder if I could buy a solar pump kit and make one from scratch? It's that or buy me a solar dove (you'll need to scroll down a bit) which at least has the whole vomiting water thing going on even if it is a bit um er ...

Now I must continue with my offlining. Oh, it's dull.


18th Jul, 2006 13:36 (UTC)
It reminded me of
Paul Berry's The Sandman just because of the horror /childhood / eyes thematic links.
18th Jul, 2006 16:26 (UTC)
oh, it is
the one I have on tape somewhere. That's a very creepy thing, I love the bit where he's dancing around the bed.
19th Jul, 2006 08:26 (UTC)
Re: oh, it is
I remember a talk given by a few of the MacKinnon and Saunders people at the Manchester University film soc and Paul Berry talking about making the film on left over scraps of film discarded by Cosgrove Hall and one of the sets he made been too big to get through the door.
It seems a long time ago when UK animation was going through a really impressive phase. There's a clip here<\a>