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I only went out for milk

Suffragette Socks
Originally uploaded by Damian Cugley.

As you can see, the aftermath of the Local Festival for Local People where it Never Rains left me shy one pair of shoes. My sensible black shoes, no less. The problem was not that they were not waterproof but rather that they were too waterproof -- rainwater cascaded from my overly fashionable jeans into the shoes and stayed there. All weekend. I've tried wearing them once since, but it wasn't a pleasant experience.

So this lunch hour I went out to try on that sensible pair of shoes I saw last week and thought, hmmmm, they might do for work. Well, no. The six was too small and the seven too big. Typical. However, there were a pair of "CherryBombSkullsChex" Old Skool Vans on the sale shelf. Maybe if I walk quickly, people won't notice that they're not sensible.

Otherwise, today I've been reading a report on cyberbullying, which is entirely in comic sans. Right now, my eyeballs feel cyberbullied.


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1st Aug, 2006 15:14 (UTC)
I had to read a school's internet abuse policy recently, and it was printed in an even worse font - one of those comic sans wannabes. How seriously will anyone take a report printed in a font which looks like the writing of a primary schoolteacher who has been drinking gin at lunchtime?
1st Aug, 2006 15:41 (UTC)
Otherwise, today I've been reading a report on cyberbullying, which is entirely in comic sans.

Augh! *flops around in pain*

Soemtime this spring, I wanted to do a photo blog of all the stupid people who used Papyrus for a logo, thinking it looked cool and old. In the end, I found too many examples, and it just depressed me.

1st Aug, 2006 15:58 (UTC)
yea... i hate when that happens...

Ive lost a good pair o' boots to that...

And the other day I lost my flip flop in a mosh pit... but I found a mens sandal so I just wore that all day ^_^
1st Aug, 2006 16:42 (UTC)
Glad you found some vans
Sad they weren't the baby dinosaur ones.......but those sound almost as good.
2nd Aug, 2006 13:15 (UTC)
sock guy
Damian lets me know that this photo has been favourited. By someone whose flickrstream consists exclusively of pictures of his own socked feet. His favourites are similarly monothematical ...

Oh my.
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