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truck by text message


Glenys: Just setting out now! Have booze.
[At the time I received this, I'd just realised that trying to keep dry was an exercise in futility. Soaked, stressed and very unimpressed, I did not reply.]

Saw: Mesoplex. In barn and therefore dry! Awesome. The band were OK, too -- wordless electro, like Metronomy, except more prog, less dance. That good old Oxford wall of sound very much in evidence.

Je suis un photo
Vacuous Pop = Glamour
Originally uploaded by Damian Cugley.

Bought: vacuous pop t-shirt. My friends found this very funny, for reasons I just can't fathom.

Neal: Bookshop flooded. Not many dead. As little boy with fingers in the street hatch, i won wet t-shirt competition, also wet jeans, socks, underwear etc. if only the recovering junkie taking refuge from the rain hadn't left his methadone behind ... so, how was you saturday?
[My response was unprintable, and shortly afterwards, deleted.]

Saw: Skindred. In barn and therefore dry! Awesome. Death Metal spoof and/or straight (hard to tell with Death Metal) -- kind of funny.

Later: tried to dance the night away, but circumstances were not favourable.


Tim: Hi an in keyboard choir tent
Jeremy: Me too. Am wearing tinfoil
[By the time we got to that 11.30am Keyboard choir gig, we'd: been woken up by Mark yelling, "Wake up ladies, it's 6.30am!", been revived by bacon rolls, gone home briefly to feed cat and get extra layers, had first Pimms of day while coming to conclusion that tent was too dead to bother taking home...]

Damian: Found the Thermos and brought iced coffee! Rock are about to start.
[This really improved my day. There is no real coffee at Truck, which sucks. Badly.]

Saw: Shimura Curves and Anat Ben David. Girly electropop/art-rock with clever words and infectious beats. Very enjoyable the both.

Working with what is to hand
Originally uploaded by jinty.

Waited for: A Scholar and Physician, which involved sitting through someone ghastly. Pain muted by art (above).

Bought: Windchimes for the backgarden. They have a lovely tone.

Glenys: Am now by wine car waiting for Priscillas
[It was more of a wine van, actually. I spent the day on a disintegrated-by-rain organic cider box, and had a fine time.]

We didn't stay for the end of whoever was headlining. Mystery Jets? Futureheads? Whoever it was, getting home and disinfecting thoroughly seemed like the better idea. Because we were in the overflow car-park, the way out of the festival was a long and winding farm road worthy of Glastonbury's obscurer gates.

Sad I missed: :(, Regina Spektor, that guy off of Popworld, and probably some others but TBH my programme had partially dissolved in the rain, so I never really got round to reading it.

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