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tharg, reptiles and birds on buns

Tharg has fluffy hair!
Tharg has fluffy hair!

I may have, um, exaggerated the skin colour. But not the sternness!

Funny thing when you're organising/producing something, you never feel like you can really push it on other people with a clear conscience. Well, that's the way it goes for me, anyway. But having (for the first time ever) attended Caption as a 100% punter (although I had offered to volunteer behind the bar, I faked my way out of it -- not that I was really needed anyway, thanks to the sterling efforts of EOCC barman and our New Best Friend Ulla) I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

And, good grief, Tharg was there! I mean, not that I should be surprised, what with Oxford being his adopted home town and everything, and the Megazine now running regular small press columns and even strips (deal : no money but you keep your rights) and everything. He looked a bit too much like a saturday morning TV presenter for my tastes so I redrew him as he ought to look (above) -- as you can see, he looks a lot younger than he used to and he's also dumped that very 80s white-blonde mohawk ...

The venue worked alright -- no ducks, but air conditioning and wheelchair ramps were good compensation. Also meant we were just up the road from my favourite local fleapit where a film programme was laid on -- incuding that Alan Moore film, some Al Davison shorts and the brilliantly hatstand Reptile Day. It's a maniacal short film where live actors mime to other live actors speaking against a background which swims disconcertingly back and forth between real props and furnishings (including lizard-headed reptile monsters, helicopter pasties and balsawood airships) and luxuriantly colourful drawn backgrounds with a kind of jazz/noir vibe (by your friend and mine, D'Emon D'Raughtsman D'Israeli). The plot's based on David Icke's conspiracy theories. It was all filmed in slight slow-mo. Orgone accumulator chairs feature. Oooh yeah. Hey look! You can watch it in teeny-o-vision here.

The convention craze (aside from the usual drill of Transformers, beer, and drawing on anything that didn't complain and move away) was doing your hair up manga stylee in little princess leia buns. On Sunday I succumbed to an overpowering desire to pin small birds on them.

They reckon they'll do another one next year. Themes on the table included the rather lovely suggestion of Dreams.


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7th Aug, 2006 15:38 (UTC)
I think I must've missed Tharg!

I'm missing Oxford already.
7th Aug, 2006 15:45 (UTC)
Re: Alas!
Ah, it's grey and dull here today. You should come back again, anyway. Soon.
7th Aug, 2006 16:15 (UTC)
I hope to. I've still not done the punting thing yet!
7th Aug, 2006 15:54 (UTC)
I must say I really enjoyed those programme items I caught, and the venue worked surprisingly well (it'll be even better when the bar's refurbished).
7th Aug, 2006 16:07 (UTC)
Highlights for me: Bjork nodules, Michael The Bee and the Elf incident and my observation that the need for a t-shirt that changes its design to communicate your mood can be quashed by just having a more expressive face.
7th Aug, 2006 16:09 (UTC)
here's the full glory of the birds on buns on birds (to borrow a charleston and andypop expression).

I mightily admired the way that the Mighty Tharg's mouth really looked like that in real life, matching the old depictions of him very well!
7th Aug, 2006 16:48 (UTC)
dang yu look cute with that hair do.
Alas I can no longer do twin buns with my grown up hair crop, but I'm consoling myself with a growing selection of alice bands.

Ah, Caption looked great. I was thinking of you all.
7th Aug, 2006 16:25 (UTC)
1) You have comickal books in Ingerlands?
2) From heartshapedkey:

"I went to the most adult party I have ever been to= we all sat around and ate finger sandwiches, drank wine and talked about our jobs. The people there were all uber professionals- journalists from the new york times, architects, professors. I felt slightly out of my league- until some dude started this verbal bullshit war about how comics are on a down swing and nothing worth reading has come out since Maus.

Oh, it was on then. it was on.

“when is another masterpiece going to come out?”
“uhm, have you read Black Hole?”
“I mean like a real masterpiece like Maus!”
“uhm, when’s the next genocide that America is going to give a shit about?”"
8th Aug, 2006 15:20 (UTC)
sure we do
they have joined-up writing and adult themes and everything. I tend to use Persepolis for arguments like that. It makes the "have you actually read x?" question so much more satisfying. Actually, I might switch to Fun Home bu Alison Bechdel. That's awesome, awesome, awesome
8th Aug, 2006 16:26 (UTC)
Re: sure we do
1) Englander comix. Weird. I thought they stopped and started with Dan Dare, excluding the hiccup that is 2000AD.

2) I've been playing the "not a fucking masterwork, but goddamn, it's good, so shut up" card with ORDINARY VICTORIES by Manu Larcenet, THE QUITTER by Harvey Pekar and Dean Haspiel, and PERSEPOLIS as well. Oh, and BLANKETS and GOODBYE, CHUNKY RICE.

People need to hush about "masterworks" and consider that many other things are worth reading.
7th Aug, 2006 22:42 (UTC)
The twin birds was a stroke of genius!
8th Aug, 2006 15:17 (UTC)
user icon!
You've been photographing cowley road!
7th Aug, 2006 23:30 (UTC)
I love that Tharg - it looks just like him. Why didn't I say hello to you (and too many others)? Caption's not that big, yet I didn't spread myself around enough. It was nice to see you sketching away though.
8th Aug, 2006 15:17 (UTC)
I was having a bit of a quiet one myself -- but it was good to see you, too, even if we didn't actually talk as such ...
8th Aug, 2006 22:18 (UTC)
Cool, I watched you draw that! Nice to meet you, cheers for the Tarot reading! :) My first Caption was lots of fun.
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