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But I'm afraid that it's not good news. Looks like antopolis may extend beneath the house somehow (or possibly into the wall cavity, or behind the boiler -- I'm not sure which would be worst) for I came home last night to discover flying ants spilling up into my sitting room. Niiiice.

Naturally I have done what any cartoonist should do in such a situation and written a comic strip about it.

antagonists detail


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9th Aug, 2006 17:34 (UTC)
Ugh, poor you, but you made me laugh. "oh god they're in my minicomics" == fantastically meta. My brain hurts in a GOOD WAY.

And I love the one going 'yay!'.
9th Aug, 2006 20:46 (UTC)
In. My archive. Of minicomics. Going back about 15 years, many my only copies remaining. Oh I yelled loud.
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9th Aug, 2006 17:56 (UTC)
Flying ants? I hope they're not termites...

At least they're not


I leave it to you to decide to conduct surgical dismemberment experiments with time-lapse photography on the little buggers, or not. ;-)
9th Aug, 2006 20:47 (UTC)
Nah, just our regulaz. It's their mating season, they grow wings and bother everyone.
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9th Aug, 2006 18:03 (UTC)
They sort of swarm insanely around here every year for about two days, then they vanish. Of course, I don't suppose that means they're really gone...
9th Aug, 2006 18:12 (UTC)
Happy memories!
Aaaaaargh! Aaaaagh! Aaaargh! I think ants are fine, so long as they're outside the house.

When I was about 12 years old I was plagued by itchy red spots on my body. I complained to my mum that there were bed bugs in my bed. My mum; being the Queen of Bleach and Cleanliness; took this as a personal insult. The argument raged for weeks, with me getting more and more tetchy (and spotty.)

Eventually, my dad, to shut me up grabbed my bed and pulled it aside to "prove" to me my foolish claims... just at the moment when a mass exodus of winged ants was emerging from a nest under my bed.

The little fuckers had been crawling in my bed and biting me - hence the spots.

It's a wonder I ain't ant-phobic after all that.
9th Aug, 2006 20:45 (UTC)
Ok, that's pretty much the most horrible thing in the world ever
Worse than the time I found four centipedes under my pillow. Worse than the time we found the dead weasel my sister had forgotten under the bed for a whole term
oh, the weasel's easily explained - cleanskies - 10th Aug, 2006 09:46 (UTC) - Expand
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9th Aug, 2006 18:17 (UTC)
I prefer ants to stay outdoors. Apparently there have been ant issues in our building recently. I've not yet spotted any intruders, but our recently departed team member had a bit of a phobia and once found NINE (she stayed long enough to count and then scarpered) on her desk.
10th Aug, 2006 08:40 (UTC)
our office
is more the wasp sort, being in loft rooms.

so that's what the smell is!
Re: our office - badasstronaut - 10th Aug, 2006 08:49 (UTC) - Expand
9th Aug, 2006 19:16 (UTC)
ant ban
perhaps you know a shop or even someone who has a set of essential oils - see if you can get some peppermint essence.

put down a smear of peppermint around the entry point(s) to your home and the ants will not be able to BEAR coming near it

very effective and (if it matters) non-lethal
9th Aug, 2006 20:44 (UTC)
Oil of peppermint will be no bother to source (we've got a culpepers). Thanks so much!
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9th Aug, 2006 20:02 (UTC)
Havenät seen any ants for two summers now. Before that it was ant march all around for three years. Eventually Baigon seemed to work.
10th Aug, 2006 08:41 (UTC)
Baigon? Sounds like an angry god ;)
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10th Aug, 2006 17:21 (UTC)
On the other hand, be grateful it's not this, which spyinthehaus just posted:

10th Aug, 2006 19:50 (UTC)
I've stuck this one up on jeremydennis.co.uk. Delayed somewhat by the hosting services’ having changed the directory layout, so I had to update my files correspondingly...
10th Aug, 2006 21:13 (UTC)
cut and paste woes
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