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rocket met airship ... sort of

It's a lovely, sunny evening. Earlier, it was cold, dark and blowing a gale. Which, given that the airship said (in its instructions) that "the slightest breeze will render it totally uncontrollable" was a shame. Just as well it turned out they were exaggerating -- in fact, a stiff breeze (check out our ad-hoc windsock made from a carrier bag and a golf umbrella to see how stiff) renders your solar airship almost totally uncontrollable -- a crucial distinction. But the cold wind and the lack of sun gave us an airship that wasn't so much floating gracefully above the meadow as thrashing wildly against the ground, air, spectators, wind... also, the pathetically weak tether string kept snapping until art_geek applied her superior knitting skills to ply the tether into something 4x as strong! At which point (after a bit more flailing) it crashed dramatically on top of the launching area where timscience was preparing the rocket (white powder, clear liquid, shake and retire to safe distance) and burst on his head. That was really funny. We fired the rocket through the shredded remnants of the airship a few times, but it felt like a curiously hollow victory. I think we may have to do it again. In better weather. With more rockets. Maybe one of those ones with a camera inside.

that is small and that is far away into the oesophagus of the airship
that is small and that is far away
The beginning of an excellent afternoon's fun.

into the oesophagus of the airship
Filling it proved challenging, as did flying it, holding onto it, stopping it bursting...

the winner on technicalities and now for a nice cup of tea
the winner on technicalities
The airship crashed kamikazi-style into the rocket's launchpad and burst on Tim's head! Oh, we laughed.

and now for a nice cup of tea
Well, an OK cup of tea, in the freshly gussified Perch Inn. So trendy!

Conclusion: irresponsible use of science toys on common ground is FUN!


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20th Aug, 2006 19:01 (UTC)
The Perch has been gussied? Oh my!
20th Aug, 2006 19:09 (UTC)
Tiny scones! Silver loo roll covers! Mismatched Habitat lighting solutions! Staff who have problems with the concept of "two"!
20th Aug, 2006 19:46 (UTC)
Oh dear...and I thought it was just fine as a gastro-pub in sunshine.
20th Aug, 2006 19:49 (UTC)
Come winter - I hope they don't ruin their unparalleled good gluwein/spiced wine recipe.
20th Aug, 2006 19:05 (UTC)
the cup is very pretty!
20th Aug, 2006 19:12 (UTC)
There is a local market stall that sells many such. Our tea came in a coffee pot, though -- although admittedly a very pretty one -- and made with twinings teabags rather than leaf tea.
20th Aug, 2006 20:34 (UTC)
no tea leaves?? for shame!
21st Aug, 2006 21:50 (UTC)
Sorry, to miss science (had a plumbing assignation, as it turned out) but heard from friends (who saw airship in the distance) that the Perch is all of a sudden wildly Frenchifiedly expensive, in a £7 for a ham sandwich sort of a way. Surely unsustainable. There's already one wanky overpriced pub on Port Meadow...
21st Aug, 2006 21:52 (UTC)
Re: Gussification
that was jo by the way, if the plumbing didn't give it away
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